Lesson 5 Advanced Discussion ✅

(Joseph Catanzarite) #42

Thanks for this excellent contribution, Haider @hwasiti I plan to try some of these as I progress further into modeling.

(Haider Alwasiti) #43

@sgugger Some of my friends asked me to make pull request to include those pretrained models into fastai.

There are a lot of models claimed to be better on the imageNet benchmark than ResNet which I could import them into fastai using this simple code.

Any chance that you will add them to fastai in the future? or can I make a pull request but then where exactly in the library should I make the changes to add them?

(sandeep) #44

the discussion about network they are seven layers in the networking:
presentation layer
datalink layer
network layer
transport layer
session layer
physical layer
application layer.

(jaideep v) #45

i have learnt that if we pass lin_ftrs=[1024] then soon after adaptive create cnn will create Linear layers with no of Inputs as we put in the list… so we dont need toput our own custom head ,if our requirement is just to change the last Fc layer features with output as no of classses for various trained models…

(Rahul Yedida) #46

@jeremy I had some trouble with your macro in the basic worksheet, with the last line in your onestep subroutine. It kept giving me a 400 error. I fixed it with the following changes. First, I changed the subroutine to accept an integer as an argument:

Sub onestep(ByVal i as Integer)

Then, I changed the last line to

Range("msestart").Offset(i, 0).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues

And calling the subroutine is then simply

For i = 1 To 5: onestep (i): Next