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Jeremy FYI DDIM nb still has betamax of 0.02 and transformi -1 to +1

Great lesson Thanks

Super cool to see how easy it was to use a callback to send stuff to WandB. I had written this quick and dirty CB to do something similar for tensorflow and so far it just works:

from torch.utils.tensorboard import SummaryWriter

class TensorboardCB(Callback):
    order = MetricsCB.order + 1    
    def __init__(self, name=None): self.writer = SummaryWriter(comment=f'_{name}')

    def after_batch(self, learner: Learner):        
        # Log loss
        train = 'train' if learn.model.training else 'validation'
        idx = learn.dl_len*learn.epoch + learn.iter
        self.writer.add_scalar(f'loss/{train}', learn.loss.item(), idx)     

    def after_epoch(self, learn: Learner):
        if hasattr(learn, 'recorder'):
            # Log all other metrics after each epoch
            d = learn.recorder[-1]
            for k, v in d.items():
                if k == 'loss': continue
                self.writer.add_scalar(f'{k}/{d.train}', v, d.epoch)    
    def after_fit(self, learner: Learner): self.writer.close()

And this is the result on the TB side:

It’s cool to be able to see the different runs and all, but after playing with Tensorboard a bit, it’s become clear that that the solutions offered by WandB as well as others seem much more complete. One big omission is being able to associate a set of hyperparams to each run, and be able to easily separate different projects. Tensorboard has had this issue open since ~2017 . Nonetheless, getting the callback to work was a fun exercise.


Hey Jeremy I have used cosine scheduler but it is not showing any images. I think im doing something wrong please help. I have seen most of the videos they are so well explained. Thanks in advance