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  • Remember that the book has a chapter containing details on each lesson

Hi Jeremy,

I think the non-beginner topic wasn’t created so I made one and updated the wiki-I hope that’s okay :smiley:


A bit of OT question: is it okay if we snapshot an image of the class at some point for a social media post? Given that it’s not yet public yet, I wasn’t sure

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What are the specs of your laptop that you can handle streaming, recording, and training a model :exploding_head:


IIRC, Jeremy has Surface Book 3.


I guess he is using Windows Surface … some variant.

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I was mostly curious what is the setup Jeremy has to have Jupyter notebooks as slides. I think it is this:


How to use vision_learner to use latest computer vision models?

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Pass a string of the name of the pretrained model from timm… See the example at the bottom of https://timm.fast.ai


I’m one of the live TA’s. If you have any issues or would like any help…please “@” me and I’ll do my best to help!


Could be mercury → Interactive Presentation - a Hugging Face Space by pplonski


Jeremy says you learn best when you read the questionnaire first. Is this the questionnaire for lesson 1?

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To anyone that might feel a bit uncomfortable with the top down learning methods:

I had written extensively about my struggles in “How not to do fastai”, I cover my pains of someone who studied in university-of how difficulty it was to learn something in top down fashion :smiley:

We had also shared this in a “reverse” interview where Jeremy kindly interviewed me. I hope this helps :pray:


The questionnaire is in the book. Check the fastbook repo notebooks for the Jupyter notebook versions of the book.

Here is the chapter for lesson 1:


Yes, Jeremy said the forum was overloaded at the start of the lecture.


@n-e-w is it possible to sort this page by # likes? To select questions for pushing into the lecture?

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Thanks for your introduction. I saw both ‘bird.png’ and ‘bird.jpg’ in the presentation earlier. Just wanted to point it out.

Is there somewhere I can get more info on the project which used recurrence plots as input to DL? (mentioned by Jeremy in the lecture just now; I missed if there was a reference)