Jeremy Howard had emergency heart surgery

(Dan Brickley) #63

Best wishes for a quick recovery (and thank you both for Part 1, which is more than enough to be going on with…)

(Chandan Panda) #64

Glad to hear about your recovery! Thanks again for your generosity with all the deep learning knowledge. You make it simple, useful.

Cannot wait to see the next MOOC.

(Lavi Avigdor) #65

Get well soon.

(lin.crampton) #66

Best wishes for Jeremy’s continued recovery.


Wishes for speedy recovery, Jeremy.

(Zaid Daba'een) #68

Wishing Jeremy a fast recovery!

(Luca) #69

Great to hear you are recovering Jeremy! Wishing you a swift recovery and thanks for preparing this great course!

(James Puderer) #70

Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

Really great course. I can’t believe your still going ahead with part 2. That’s pretty amazing.

I hope it’s true that deep learning is an aid to recovery… otherwise, please get some rest. You of all people deserve it.


Best wishes to you both, Jeremy and Rachel.

(Gleb Esman) #72

Thanks for these good news :slight_smile: Have a speedy recovery Jeremy.


(Shinto Theruvil Manuel) #73

Wishing Jeremy a speedy recovery.

(Olga Kruglova) #74

Very sorry to hear that! Have a very speedy recovery!!

(Christina Young) #75

Sorry to hear this – get well soon!!


Get well soon.

(YiPeng Cheng) #77

I am so sorry to hear that ! What a nice man !
Best wishes!

from China self-learner

(Even Oldridge) #78

Very sorry to hear that. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

(Sankar R) #79

Jeremy, wish you a complete and swift recovery.

(Michael Choudhury) #80

Glad to hear that Jeremy is back on his feet!
Looking forward to the MOOC.

(leahob) #81

Thank you Jeremy and Rachel for your dedication to teaching deep learning effectively and making deep learning tools and applications accessible. Wishing Jeremy a smooth recovery. All the best to you both. Looking forward to the DL MOOC Part II.

(stella wu) #82

Thank God Jeremy is recovering smoothly! Deeply grateful to Jeremy and Rachel’s dedication to this open deep learning community.