Jeremy Howard had emergency heart surgery

(Charles Reeb) #83

Glad to hear Jeremy is feeling better!! This course is an amazing resource and helped connect all the pieces I was missing from reading countless scientific papers (which really are the best medicine for a speedy recoveery). Thank you very much for everything and I hope everything continues to go well.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #84

Just popping in again with a status update… :slight_smile: It turns out that recovery has been a slightly slower progress than I hoped. Nothing dramatic - just takes a while to get energy levels back and be able to focus effectively.

It’s looking like the timing will be just about perfect for starting part 2 of the in person class (which is 8 days away from today!) since the last couple of days in particular have seen significant improvements. I’m looking forward to seeing those of you joining the class on Feb 27, and I’m excited to show you the fascinating new material that we’ve developed. We’ll be getting it online as soon as we can after the course finishes, of course!

I particularly want to thank all of you that have given such kind comments in this thread, which has brought me a lot of joy, and also to all of you for keeping this wonderful community going strong in my absence. Since I’m a bit behind with my plans now due to the illness and surgery, I’ll be continuing to leave these forums in all of your capable hands for the time being, but I’ll do my best to look in from time to time. (And please contact us if anything here needs our attention.)


I am glad you are well and back. Your course has been of huge help. Looking forward to Part 2 :smile:


Great to hear you are much better! Eat well!

(Constantin) #87

@jeremy, I really appreciate the energy and enthusiam you are putting into all of this. Thank you so much for it. And please: If you needed any more time to recover, then take it. No one here can bring your health back. Even though I am almost bursting with excitement for part 2, even if it started later than scheduled - no worries! Take all the time you need and make sure you get well.

(Samuel Ekpe) #88

@jeremy @rachel If you need to move the class by 1 week, please do. You need all the time you can get to rest.

(anaik2) #89

@jeremy @rachel Really sorry to hear about it, and very glad that you are recovering well, Jeremy! Great enthusiasm and dedication towards teaching the course, can’t thank you guys enough! Wishing you the very best of health!!

Looking forward to meeting you on Monday!


Thank you for being such an inspiration. Get well soon !

(Sven) #91

Hi, I just stumbled on this.

Thank you so much Jeremy for making this course despite your health problems. I feel I have learned so many things from this MOOC. I hope Jeremy has recovered well.

(Kenechi Franklin Dukor) #92

Welcome back sir


Just came across this. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Jeremey.

(Susant Bisoi) #94

I am very sorry .Please take care of home.Our well wishes with him.

(Kiran) #95

Dear Jeremy,
Hope you live a 100 years! You are a great brain that the world needs

(William Yang) #96

Dear sir:
I wondler if there is any object detection solution in fast ai
not just classify like dog and cats
like image net coco detection like

Yours sincerely

(Richard Reis) #97

Wishing you the speediest of recoveries Jeremy!