Jeremy Howard had emergency heart surgery

(Karthik Kannan) #43

Wishing you a speedy recovery! Sending you prayers and love from across the world. What you’re doing has truly game changing for folks like me. :slight_smile:
God bless!

(Alice) #44

Wish you would fully recover soon!! Look forward to deep learning part 2! :pray:

(Alex) #45

Oh! I wish @jeremy quick recovery and good health!

(Christopher) #46

Wishing you the best!

(Vishnu Subramanian) #47

Jeremy and Rachel : You both are amazing people. Truly inspiring.

(Jeff Schafer) #48

I hope he is resting, recovering, and will be feeling better soon. He is an amazing person from the outside so imagine the person inside is even greater. And for you, get your rest too since a caregivers job is also a difficult one.


So sorry to hear that. I wish him a fast recovery

(Chandan Panda) #50

Very sorry to hear about it. I wish him a speedy recovery. Take care.

(Sourav Dey) #51

So sorry to hear about this. Wishing Jeremy a speedy recovery and al the best.


Wish you the best! Glad to hear you’re back on your feet already.

(Ronny) #53

Thank you for your dedication on these free classes. I’ve tried to follow so many online classes about ML & DL but this class is without a doubt the best one in seeing the results in practice timely. Not to mention the many encouragements at the right timing. Please do take care of your health. May you have good karma points.

(Jonas G F Pettersson) #54

Sorry to hear that and wish you all the best. Please take care and take your time to recover. We are many here that are so grateful for the tremendous effort you have already put in to this.

(sravya8) #55

So sorry to hear this Rachel :frowning: Hope he is recovering well and hope you are not too stressed. Please let us know if we can do anything, many of us live very close and can help in any way possible.

(sravya8) #56

So good to hear you are recovering well Jeremy! Looking forward to seeing you both in the class. Please let us know if we can offload any work from you.

(yinterian) #57

Sorry to hear that. I wish him a quick recovery.

(prateek2686) #58

Great to hear that you;re recovering well, Jeremy. Wish you all the health!

(Nolan Chan) #59

SF is an excellent place for a walk and for health care :grin: Thank you for continuing to care for this class!

(Prasad Chalasani) #60

That’s wonderful to hear Jeremy, we’re all very grateful for your dedication to this course :smile:


I wish him a speedy recovery

(Samuel Ekpe) #62

So sorry to hear that. I wish him quick recovery.