Introduce yourself here

Hi fellow learners :slight_smile:
I am Jeffrey from Hamburg, Germany and I am currently a Data Scientist at a research institute, mostly doing applied NLP. I am super excited to be joining the course again as this is exactly where my journey into ML/DL started with Fastai in 2018. After being quite miserable with my bachelors degree in industrial engineering, I decided to switch my masters to Information Systems and took as many CS courses as possible, but mostly I would say I have been learning with and from Fastai, Andrew Ng on Coursera and Udacity.
This time I wanna try to get the most out of this course by working on a great big project. Its something I have not been able to succeed at with the last courses. Luckily I’ll also have holidays from mid May to July and wanna split my time 50/50 between project work and working on Kaggle with fastai.
If anyone wants to join me at some point, please let me know. I am very much looking forward to join a study group for the course :slight_smile:

Some random facts:

  • If it wasn’t for covid I would be halfway done doing a phd at Sichuan University in China on lifecycle prediction lithium ion batteries
  • I am still studying mandarin in my free time in the hopes of taking a 6 month sabbatical in the near future to travel China
  • I am a tennis nerd and spend way too much of my free time on the court
  • I have recently started really enjoying drinking Oolong tea and ordered myself a Chinese Gong Fu tea set. Not been drinking much coffee since. Maybe starting a YT channel “Oolong Time Data Science” in the future @init_27 :wink:

Hi , I’m Christian and live in Küsnacht, near Zürich in Switzerland.

I’m a neuroradiologist. In 2020 I took a course in AI for medical Imaging in Bern, where I was introduced to PyTorch and FastAI. Since then I take small steps to deepen my knowledge in this field, but I will keep to it because I think it will transform our job.
I hope to publish my first paper soon where we segmented successfully the macula utriculi, a really small structure in the inner ear.
Besides that, our now 2 year old keeps us busy day and night, but I enjoy it.


Hello everyone! My name is Robert Bunn and I’m the founder of Ultrasound AI. @UltrasoundAI I developed a process (using Fast AI) that is able to predict the number of days early a baby will be born (if any). This is useful for preventing premature birth, the #1 killer of children under 5 worldwide. We recently signed a deal with a major university to obtain massive ultrasound datasets for preterm birth and other women’s health issues. We may need help exploring all the opportunities of improving women’s health using the data we have currently and will be getting soon. If this topic interests you connect with me on LinkedIn! Robert Bunn


Hi Robert, as the father of a preemie, I can say this research is super important and there are so many factors that go into these outcomes. It’s amazing that your models are able to predict this. My son (thankfully a healthy 6 year old now) was born at 24 weeks (a Super Preemie) and something like this would have been so valuable and helpful! All the best in your research in this field.


Hi everyone,

I’m Bijil from Sydney, Australia. I have taken my first fastai course in 2021 (self-paced), which was also my first introduction to ML. After the course, I have taken long hiatus from fastai and explored the world of sklearn and TensorFlow. Somewhere along the way, I have also secured a data science role and explored some interesting problems. On the academic front, I am pursuing a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

I am excited to be back and glad to be joining the cohort. I am actually looking forward to start learning more PyTorch and really interested in developing applied NLP solutions. Really looking forward to the hackathon experience at the end of the course.

You can find me on Linkedin | Medium


Hi, my name is Magnus and I live in Sweden. I work as developer and ML Engineer at Hypocampus. I have studied the FastAI course two times and I always find it inspiring.

Excited to learn more about NLP.


Hi, my name is Tim Duignan I am an early career researcher in the School of Chemical Engineering at UQ. I work on molecular simulation of electrolyte solutions. I have recently started using some AI tools in my research and am finding them incredibly useful. So I am keen to learn more about them.

My twitter handle is @TimothyDuignan


Hi all,

My name is Zakia Salod. I am from South Africa.

I have the following degrees so far:

  • MMedSc Medical Informatics (University of KwaZulu-Natal [UKZN]);

  • BCom Honours Information Systems and Technology (UKZN); and

  • BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (UKZN)

I am passionate about conducting research in the medicine field - it is my calling in life. My research interests are: (i) medical informatics; (ii) bioinformatics; (iii) public health; (iv) machine learning/deep learning; and (v) artificial intelligence.

The following are my profiles:

Excited to be a part of this cohort of 2022. Looking forward to learning, contributing and growing.

Thank you!
Kind Regards,
Zakia Salod


My name is Duc Haba, and I’m an AI Solution Architect at YML ( in California. This would be my third year, or third time, taking this course. I use at work daily, and hands down, Jeremey is why lessons are better than any university courses, including Berkeley and Standford.


Hello Everyone,

I’m super excited to be here! This is Zeeba from Banglore, India.

This is the first time I have joined a live course, so this is extra special for me.
For the past 2 years, I have been learning Python, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning through courses from Skillshare, Kaggle and Udacity.

I am a homemaker and am trying to get a job in IT. I completed my Electrical & Electronics Engineering in 2014, so it has been a steep learning curve so far.

Looking forward to connecting with new faces, learning, and contributing to this community.


Hello! I’m Ali, and I am from DC/MD in the US.

While at University, I majored in Finance… but somehow ended up as a Project Manager for most of the past decade. I started to learn how to code ~4 years ago and luckily stumbled upon Fast.AI in 2019. I never thought I would be able to work on ML/DL in any real way, but I figured I could at least have fun as a hobbyist.

Fast-forward a few years and I just accepted an offer for my first full-time position in software development (working on ML/DL). This next week will be last as a PM (ever? :slight_smile: ) and I am still reeling from the shock. I know I couldn’t have done this without Jeremy and the entire FastAI family – I’m incredibly excited to be able to actively participate in the course this time around and hope to become more active in the community.

In my free-time I love reading, yoga and spending time with family/friends. You can find me on Linkedin or Twitter [although, I don’t tweet much – yet!]


Hello world! I am Brett, from Missouri in the US. Here is what I have been up to:

On the R+D front, I have been working with Jax the past year. It is an interesting framework. I have been training different ViT variants to better understand transformers.

More here:


Wow fun!!!

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Well, I just at-mentioned you on twitter so you might get some more attention there now…



I am Jakub Cłapa from Poland (though my mother spent a few years in Australia in high school ;). I started out as a math/computers geek, got interested in physics, majored in Electronics, almost did a PhD by doing DSP on an FPGA and spent a decade building embedded systems using C, Python, JS, Scheme and later Lua.

Nowadays I am working on AI at Collabora (an Open-source focused software consultancy). My hobbies include programming languages, operating systems and in the last few years AI. I was fortunate to find the Fast.AI course in 2017 when we were integrating DL into a product for shelve monitoring in retail stores. It is by far the best course (both the 2017 and the 2020 editions) I’ve ever attended on any topic!

I try to tweet about AI here: I am trying to figure out the “building in public” thing thanks to generous support from my current employer. My first try is an investigation of funny artifacts in the receptive fields of ResNet18 and VGG16. This grew out of my recent interest in dataset quality assurance (how to browse and find errors in your traning set).

I am glad I finally have the time and resources to join the course live for the first time! Hurray! :slight_smile:


Hi All. Michał here, fastai community member since 2018. Now about to tune in for the best lesson: Lesson 2 official topic ✅ - #3
Happy to be part of it and learn with all of you my friends!


Hi Sanyan - Loved your interview with JH!


Hello all, what a great community. Happy to be here learning for the first time Deep Learning. My name is Ivan, and I live in London, Ontario, Canada.
My background is in Chemical Eng (M.Sc.Eng), working in the industrial water treatment industry for the last 15 years. Since last year, I am working on an R&D project to develop water quality field devices (colorimeters, spectrophotometers and titration units). This project allows me to work with machine learning, python and git every day, and I love it! My course project (short-time goal) is to explore deep learning image processing from inline water spectrophotometry raw data. My professional and long-term goal with is to switch career to AI and become an AI expert.
I am looking forward to talking to you in the forums and starting to collaborate.

I will be more involved in Twitter, soon sharing my learnings and career transition experience.


Hello everyone! My name is Mat Miller. I work in the engineering and construction field and am based in the midwest United States. I’ve been through the course a few times and have continued to pick up more each time. I really love the teaching style of this course and am always excited when a new version is offered. The accomplishments I am most proud of that were a result of taking this course are a top 10% finish in the Data Science Bowl challenge in 2018, writing a semantic segmentation image classifier pipeline (including writing a custom labeler and data pre/post data processing from scratch) utilizing drone images - which I hope to be able to share at some point, and becoming a much better programer. My long term goal is to transition to working on AI solutions on a more full time basis. Several of the problems I’m currently interested in working on suffer from a image data collection problem, so I’ve started work on what I hope will be a relatively low cost 4wd robot that can autonomously navigate semi-rough terrain to capture data. I am on Twitter at @matdmiller


Hi Everyone! My name is Pravin Vijay and live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is my first time diving into deep learning models (working on Data Analysis, BI’s for past 4 years - only exposure to ML has been Scikit Learn). I have been following the course since day 1 and did some work testing the models - but have been very passive in the forums. I have a chaotic way of learning - bits here and bits there then I piece things together for my goal - perhaps why I begin this introduction almost 3 weeks after the lessons start. While I realize the power of sharing, I just dont do enough - Will be making a much more attempt in being active and collaborative in my learning journey going forward.

My targeted project for this course is related to plants (I just love growing things) - I would like to build a model which can differentiate between weeds, plants and grass - as well as dive into each plant’s unique needs (much like the dog breeds I guess). Hopefully I am able to operationalize this through SBCs and automate plant care. Perhaps in the medium term also get much more useful data collection on how my interventions are working. My little garden which I spend much of my time (yet never enough of time) is my test bed. Looking forward to resourcing all of your great minds to making this a reality. Thank you for your time!