Introduce yourself here

Hello everyone,

I am Mrigank from Bangalore, India. Currently I am working on Deep learning for NLP for Samsung Research, but my quest for improving my coding, with DL frameworks brings me to Previously I have completed MS in Data Science from The GWU and worked for multiple organizations mostly on NLP.

I’ve followed 1st part from last course, but did not spend lot of time practicing and engaging. So joining the live course for the first time and ready to make the most of it.


Hello everyone, I am very excited to be able to participate in this course. I am a mining engineer and a creative coder with an interest in machine learning and artificial life.

In my free time I’ve been learning GPU programming and experimenting with encoding small programs in networks. With this course I hope to learn how to work with larger models.

This is my first year participating in fastai and I’m looking forward to meeting and learning with you all.

I am @planet403 on Twitter.


Hei everyone, Hallvar from Norway here. I’ve been a student since 2018, and I’m really looking forward to another iteration :+1:


Hello everyone, I am Anubhav from Seattle. I had completed fastai course v3 but could not complete the fastai course v4 due to personal reasons.
This time I am joining the course v5 to complete it.


Hi guys, I’m Jose and I live on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I am a software engineer with a background in cryptography who wants to learn and apply deep learning in document classification, and I hope that by the end of the course with, I will be able to build a prototype.

I’m interested in study groups to learn more and my LinkedIn is jlobo.


I am honored and excited to join this course as in the previous years and hope to learn a lot from the same as before.

I have huge respect and admiration for both Jeremy Howard and Rachel Thomas for their pioneering AI pioneering work as well as dissemination of scientific masking evidence at the pandemic start in 2020. That helped all of us immensely in the two Covid-19 WhatsApp groups (one for doctors and the other for Social workers) that I was a part of.

Thanks to, I also learnt about an AI technique called ‘Entity Embeddings’ and was able to present to New York’s AI ML & DL community at Amazon’s office there.

A bit about myself. I am based out of Mumbai, India. My wife is a Chief Executive at a Test Kitchen for a large Indian company. My elder son is an aerospace engineer in Singapore working with a global multinational. His wife works in the Singapore government social sector. My younger son is an MD doctor specializing as a Transplant Fellow for Infectious Diseases in Miami, USA. I am fortunate to have their unstinting support 24 X 7.

I have a University top ranked Mechanical Engineering Degree as well as a Master of Management Studies (MBA) 1st Rank from SPJIMR,(SP Jain Institute of Management & Research) one of India’s top business schools with specialization in Finance from Mumbai University. I am also the Convener of SPJIMR’s Mumbai Alumni Council and was also awarded their 2021 Alumni Outstanding Service Award last December.

I have 3 decades plus entrepreneurship, software and consulting experience as a founder of my company Mumbai, India based company Kaytek Computer Services Private Limited. I was fortunate to lead teams to help our company win several awards in outstanding customer service from WIPRO - one of India’s most ethnical and top IT companies.

I have headed software project teams in multiple verticals. domains, functions, technologies and geographies. Earlier, I was also recognized as Microsoft’s Top Software Architects for two consecutive years at their Tech-Ed conferences in India.

Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos speaks of ‘Day 1 Mentality’. I believe the same also applies to AI & Software in general as there are rapid disruptive changes happening globally that most of us are struggling to keep up with.

I have tried to work hard in keeping myself up to date. During the past couple of years, I was awarded Microsoft Udacity Scholarship for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree in 2021. I have also completed the Udacity Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learnings Foundation Course & SUSE Cloud Native Foundation Course in 2021.

I have set up EasyAI – Kaytek’s focussed practice on Artificial Intelligence consulting and also have a deep interest in Blockchain technologies.

Just yesterday, I got the happy news that one of my ‘Low Code No Code’ projects submitted for the Hack Singapore hackathon has been ranked in the Top 3 entries for presentation at the Asia Tech X Singapore conference in June.

I am just happy to be a part of this passionate group and will strive to contribute to’s success as much as possible in the future.

My relevant URL’s are given below:

My company Kaytek -

Kaytek Easy AI page - Kaytek Easy AI (Artificial Intelligence) Landing page -

AI Entity Embeddings page (with Amazon NY YouTube presentation link) - Kaytek Entity Embeddings Main page - &

Kaytek Blockchain page - Kaytek Blockchain Landing page

Medium -

Twitter -

LinkedIn -

YouTube Crypto Playlist - Understanding Blockchains, Bitcoin, Ethereum & Other Cryptocurrencies - YouTube

Amazon Jeff Bezos ‘Day 1 Mentality’ - Adopting Amazon's 'Day 1 mentality'

Thanks once again to Jeremy Howard for the invite to join the course. I hope to learn from the same as well as the insights of my fellow participants.

Have a good day and please continue to stay safe.


Hi everyone, I’m Jan from Belgium.

I’ve been a long time student and the founder of, a platform to easily create, use and share AI models. Follow the quick guide to deploy and share your models on the web, iOS and Android (new app versions just went into app review). There’s also a quick guide version on but it’s a little outdated, so will update as soon as possible.

I’m very much looking forward to the new Transformer stuff and the Timm integration.

If you want to reach out or connect: Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email.

Great to back, and ready to learn and help.

Love from Belgium.


Hi all,

I am Rijul Kapoor from Brisbane. I am currently working in the research/mining space and am super excited to take this course and dabble with deep learning concepts.
My interests include machine vision and robotic controls, along with data analysis and hence I see great value in utilizing this course in broadening and expanding my skillsets.
Aside from work, I like producing electronic music and enjoy gaming in my free time. Would love to connect with y’all via LinkedIn, my link to which can be found here : Rijul Kapoor

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi all, I’m Jess. I’m an academic at UQ in Brisbane, Australia.

My research area is technology co-design with Deaf people. My current project is a human-centred AI project trying to develop a prototype “Alexa for Auslan”, as spoken language personal assistants are not accessible if your first language is a sign language!

My background is in the participatory design side of things - working with end users to design better technologies which meet their needs - so I’m fairly new to the AI/ML/DL side of things.

Here are my key links:
My UQ Researcher page
@jesskorte on Twitter
My publications (If you want something and can’t access it, please ask and I will send it to you; but I think everything is available somewhere)
LinkedIn (Not a great way to contact me, but here for completeness)


Hi mate,

(isn’t that the australian way to greet people ?)

I am Prosper from :fr: ! I work as data engineer at Toulouse University Hospital. So I do a bit of this (NLP) and a bit of that (computer vision on medical imaging) and I’d like to learn more practical skill that I’ll be able to apply on our datasets. If you have similar interests, feel free to contact me :wink:

I also teach spark and other distributed computing frameworks but that’s not relevant here.

Cheers !



I am Ganesh Bhat and I did this course in 2020 (online) and back again to learn things from In these 2 years, I have used in my personal and professional projects and I have depended a lot on @arora_aman videos and his blogs, @muellerzr course, and the forums to learn by asking/posting questions.

Looking forward to enriching my learnings with this new version of the course.

Warm Regards


Hi everyone

My name is Craig and I am from Ottawa, Canada. This is the 3rd time I have taken this course.

I am a self-taught developer, in large part inspired by the first fastai course.

What I hope to get out of this course (in addition to refreshing on fastai and transformers) is to really connect and get more involved with this community. This community is amazing and I have learnt so much from so many - it is time to challenge my shy and reserved nature (consider this a public declaration to hold me to account) and become an active member :smile:

Hope everyone enjoys the course


Close, but “G’day mate” would be more authentic :slight_smile:


Hi everyone Michelangelo (Miko) here.

Italian living in London (UK) after having relocated in several European countries. I have a background in mathematics (been working in the academia for quite a long time), but 5 years ago I joined the “real world” resetting my career and joining a tech startup as an intern. I have then switched to knowledge engineering, Product Management, and finally I managed to work as a Data Scientist (now senior) in a couple of different companies.

Although technically my journey in data science started with the Coursera specialization, the 2017 deep learning course and the machine learning one really got me to another level.

Super happy to being able for the second time to follow the course live. Last time, in 2020, some things (like a global pandemic starting) really got in the way of my enjoyment of the material, so hopefully this time I’ll be able to do better.


Hi everyone,

My name is Tim, I live in London UK, and have been following for several years now. The Fast Book and Part 1 2020 really helped get me through the first year of the pandemic and I also enjoyed completing the Intro to Machine Learning course in 2019. I love the teaching philosophy of Jeremy and Rachel and how the courses have inspired so many to do great things.

I work in IT and Finance in the construction industry day to day but am looking to transition to a Data Science role, and I hope by joining the live 2022 refresh of Part 1 and involving myself in the amazing community that I can build my skills and complete a fun project that makes use of


Hi Everyone,
I am taking a break from records management software consulting and excited to be a part of this class! I have watched some previous Fastai videos on Youtube and that was my first exposure to deep learning. I live in Asheville, North Carolina in the USA.
Twitter handle: @o1eary



I’m Ben, living in Collie, Western Australia (Google Maps). Its a town of 7000 in transition, with several coal mines & power stations threatened by the financials of renewables. Anyone want to live near nature while running a cloud AI business?.. check out Collie River Valley - YouTube

I’ve loved programming since teaching myself at age 10. Over the years I’ve tried a dozen languages, with my current favourite being Pharo Smalltalk, for its immersive live programming environment - check it out. I’d love to explore how Pharo might incorporate

a B.Eng Information Technology had me working my first dozen years in IT, mostly sysadmin.
a M.EngTech Electrical Power has me currently working to design/construct electrical power systems for industrial/mining clients.

After being amazed by… OpenAI Plays Hide and Seek…and Breaks The Game! 🤖 - YouTube
I’ve become enthralled at the rapid progress of science-fiction ML systems like GPT3, DALL.E.2, Alpha Zero, Tesla Full Self Driving & Optimus Robot, and the impact ML will have on society in conjuction with zero-marginal energy cost of Super Power described here… Rethinking Energy 2020-2030: 100% Solar, Wind, and Batteries is Just the Beginning - YouTube. (interested to discuss in another thread.)


You are indeed in the right place :rocket::chocolate_bar:

The link between HuggingFace and fastai is getting stronger! Just today we merged a function to (1) upload fastai Learners to the Hub and (2) download Learners from the Hub!


Hello everyone,
My name is Dmitriy. I have a background in math, economics, and education, but I’m a bit of a beginner in machine learning. I’ve been interested in everything fastai for a little over two years now, and wanted to learn from Jeremy in San Francisco until I found out about the move. I’m extremely grateful to have this opportunity now! I worked through Coursera’s ML and DL specializations, made a few attempts to get through the fastai curriculum independently with partial success (largely due to an insufficient background in Python), and plan to make another serious attempt now armed with improved programming skills (shout out to Fred Baptiste ) and a community.
I currently teach high school programming and stats, but would like to make a move to working in data. I’m very interested in solving problems in energy, education, recycling, and fire prevention. The later interest is inspired by 9 years spent in California prior to the current two-year interlude in Florida (planning to move this summer). When I’m not working or looking at a screen, I spend time with my wife and family, hike, meditate, read novels/technical books, or listen to podcasts. I’ve also been involved with a high school AI club we started to help students learn about machine learning (with fastai, of course) and related programming topics.


Hello everyone,

My name is Joe Matthew, and I watched one of the early Fastai courses in 2016 at Stanford that inspired me to learn more about ML. I love open source technologies and have spent many years in that space. I have worked with data in everything from data modelling, administration, and software development for three decades. Currently based out of Brisbane and working in the data engineering space assisting data scientists in building better models with high-quality data. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn here.