Introduce yourself here

I’m a Neurobiologist trying to learn as much AI as possible to transition into Bioinformatics. I love to learn and I love learning projects like this one. I’m so glad to be here. Hope to see you around


Hi everyone. Do I need to earn karma to make a post or something?

Hey everyone!

My name is Katlego, I am from Johannesburg South Africa. I found these courses after recently completing a boot camp in Data Science and AI. I am currently building a chatbot prototype as an intern at a local tech company.

Outside of tech, I have a deep passion for nature and art. I believe in conservation and sustainability and creating solutions for a better world through regenerative design.

I am looking to dive deeper into this fascinating world of Machine Learning to get an understanding of the core concept as well as connect with like-minded and more experienced individuals in the field.

I am on Twitter where I share my journey. Let’s connect to share inspiration, ideas and support for mutual career progress.


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I work in a small startup, where we sometimes apply cutting-edge algorithms and other times use more common techniques like regular expressions or whatever gets the job done. .

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Love to learn more AI stuff, love python, love learning fast and get projects running this looks like the perfect place! Great work, glad to this great body of work! Thank you so much!


Hi everyone,

This is Alex, from Hong Kong. I work in finance and always keen on learning A.I./deep learning not just in general but also the application in investment.

I am starting the course with the plan to watch all videos to have a general understanding first (which is also more managable to chip in half-an-hour sessions here and there when having a full-time job), then go through notebooks and textbook chapters according to the instruction.

Because I start the course now in 2023, it would be beneficial to know someone who also just start so that we can put on peer pressure to each other :slight_smile:

As I progress, I will join in other discussions in the forum and hope to catch up to the Part 2 as soon as possible!


Hey folks, Mike here.
I’m a long time software engineer who’s always had an interest in AI and just found this fantastic course!
I went through some AI/ML topics before but like many people I started with digging deep into math and such and just lost steam. Really looking forward to the methodology this course uses.
Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible! Feel free to message me here for anything or we can connect on twitter/X @learnactrepeat

Cya folks!


Howdy :smiley_cat:
I’m Sam, starting the course from Los Angeles.
I was doing a Finance degree in 2017 and after graduation took a shot at doing the Data Science thing with no background, which included taking a swipe at the first iteration of – It didn’t stick! Since then I’ve become a software engineer and mucked around a bit, learning some of the things I’ve been missing.
I’m after back after COVID/Job shuffles/life shuffles to (actually) do the course now! I basically stopped paying attention to ML (for my own purposes) when the Transformer arch came out, so I’m curious to see what the current meta is (in terms of local tooling, ops, observability, podcasts, books, whatever).
I’m probably hoping to do an Online MS in CS (GT? UIUC?) in the next year or so as a cover for {actually taking the great courses that exist for free online} :smiley_cat:.

I’m interesting in talking with and learning from anyone who’d like to talk and learn together.
Funnily enough I remember chatting ML to @init_27 on Twitter years ago when we were both youngish guys going through the first iteration of He stuck with it, and I didn’t! Goes to show what perseverance can buy you ;). I’m here for good, this time!


Hello Everyone,
I’m Treylon Wofford, I work in finance and was a Research Assistant in the past with some experience in CV. I’m excited for this course to learn a lot and build a lot. Happy to meet everyone and connect with everyone!!!


I’m Keith in Sydney, Australia. Retired but interested in ML. A day or two in and am also interested in the tools being used such as Kaggle, Jupyter etc. Hoping my brain remains intact long enough to enjoy the experience!