Introduce yourself here

Hi everyone :wave: !
I recently started the course. I’m a CS major from India. I am a beginner but I wanna make some fun stuff lol. If someone else is also going through the course, shoot me a message maybe we could study and make something together.
Glad to be here.


Good evening y’all! I’m an engineer by training (the dirt and concrete kind), and an entrepreneur in what’s now called nature based solutions. My claim to fame is growing living oyster reefs into coastal protection structures. I’m looking forward to applying course content against environmental challenges. If I had to pick a pet project for the short term, it would be enhancing images taken in very low visibility waters.

So far I’ve got the first two videos and first exercise down. I’ve done some of the Kaggle trainings as well. I had previously picked up some decent skills in data analysis with Python and Jupyter notebooks. Between the day job and family, I am moving very slow. At the rate I’m going, it looks like I’ll be joining the 2023 class as well. Based on some of the introductions here, I should be in good company :wink:

I’m looking forward to learning with you!


Hi everyone! My name is Ashley, and I’m a postdoc working on Magnetic Resonance Imaging. I’m specifically looking at applications of deep learning in quantitative MRI, especially Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping. Looking forward to joining in the discussion!


Great bro! you can keep the good fight on!

Hello every one! My name is Nebyu and I’m from Ethiopia (The capital of Africa). I want to have hands on experience on deep learning for a project and to teach others then. i’m beginner practitioner on ML but i’m sure things will get order soon if i start soon so let’s dive in! 2022-12-14T21:00:00Z

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You just got another follower :slight_smile:


That really means a lot to me Jeremy. Thanks :pray:

Hi all,

I am Sathrukan and I’m from India. This is my first deep learning course and I am really excited. To connect and collaborate ping me in twitter or reply here. My twitter ID is @Lebowski_7. You may know it by my twitter handle name I like Big Lebowski Movie. Well that’s all about me.


Hi all!

I’m a software and data engineer from France. I studied artificial intelligence 20 years ago and now I feel it’s time to learn about it again :smile: Starting the course now.


Hey everyone,

I’m a cs student in Germany originally from the US. I’ve wasted a lot of time getting bogged down in theory and am hoping to finally get some practical skills so that I can pursue some interesting projects and combat this dang imposter syndrome.


Hey everybody! My name is Ezra and I very recently started learning python with the help of Chat GPT. I’ve been self releasing music for the past 3 years, doing all of my own engineering and visual art. After coming into contact with modern ai I realized its something I have a lot of interest and passion for. I watched the first lesson today and I am currently working on getting my first model working. Very happy for this course and opportunity. My twitter handle is @KandyVoid. Would love to connect :slight_smile:


HI! My name is Bill, and I live in San Diego, California, USA.

I am working in software testing for a company that makes portable insulin pumps for diabetes care. I have a little experience with python and with swift/iOS app development. I like studying math (currently working through a book on Galois theory).

I am slowly working through fastai Lesson Two: Deployment. I put up a a classifier on a Hugging Face Space and I have started a Quarto blog to show my progress.

The course seems great so far, and it’s exciting to see people here from all over the world! :slight_smile:




My name is Claudiu and I am a software engineer. I am new to AI, but it seems an interesting topic to know about!

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