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Hi Everyone,

I am “Data Engineering & Data Science Trainer”, now Transitioning into “Learning & Development field with focus on AI Applications.”
I am really interested in Applications of Text to Image + Video Generative for building interactive Educational Materials. And looking to brainstorm on more applications of AI in field of Education… Would love your comments & feedback. :slight_smile:

I am also deeply passionate about topic of learning & how to effectively learn. And I want to apply the same to this course. Would be sharing those notes & videos if anyone want to follow.


Wow. Physics of consciousness. My wife is aiming to specialize in that… :slight_smile: Hiiiii

Hi :wave:

I’m Sam and I guess I’m an EdTech entrepreneur ( however I have a mixed background with degrees in Architecture and Computer Science.

In 2014 when DL was exploding I did a masters and wrote my thesis on Visualising Deep neural Networks.

I’ve been working on Turinglab since then, but want to revisit Deep Learning as I still think it holds so much potential for impact the world - so starting the course to get up to speed.

I’m based in London, so anyone else out there working on nearby, feel free to say hi :slight_smile:


I am Signour, a 4th-year statistics major student in the Philippines! I started doing the course last February when it was in the 2020 version. I stopped in lesson 2 once I was able to create a Dog Classifier.

I realized that time is ticking and I need to discipline myself to start learning again. Hence I am back and currently on lesson 3 of the course. Would love to connect and learn from you all!

Here are my socials:
Linkedin →
Kaggle → Signour Melo | Expert | Kaggle


I am Muhammad Abdullahi. I graduated recently from the CS department of one of the best universities in my country, Somalia. Yes, I am from east Africa. I am good at Python and building mobile apps with Flutter. I am really interested in using deep learning to solve real problems that were difficult to solve before. I want to be in the forefront of this emerging field, insha’Allah.


Hello everyone!

My name is Michael and I’m currently in year 11.

I’m extremely thankful a community like fastai exists and excited to be a part of it. I started part 1 of the course in August, and just recently finished it. I couldn’t really get into other courses, but the hands on approach of fastai was really beneficial to me. My goal right now is to get a better understanding of how pytorch and fastai work under the hood, so that I can pioneer my own approaches to solving ML/DL problems in the future and so that I will be able to contribute to open source projects. Currently I’m working on a CNN for ECG classification as well as a GAN to generate characters that look like they would be in One Piece.

I also love Man United!

I’m so excited to be here and I look forward to learning and growing from all of you!


Great to see a high-schooler here Michael! Good luck with your deep learning journey – I’m sure the skills you pick up here will be of great value to you (and hopefully a lot of fun too).


Hey, Im also a recent computer engineering graduate from east africa(eritrea) and im just starting this course. Would love to connect and collaborate


Hellllo Every one!!!

I am Durdana Bangash from Paris and origin Pakistani. Its been fourteen years since I am in France I came here as fresh S/W eng undergrad for graduate progs in CS. Did my Masters and Pre-doc in ML from Ecole Polytechnique de Tours France and took eight years gap after that due to family responsibilities including two kids. During that time I am somehow active going to meetups like I am member of Women in ML DS Paris since 2018 also long ago attended Yann LeCun’s lectures on CNN but couldn’t grasp at that time :slight_smile: during my gap I lost many opportunities like PhD and other proposals but I preferred staying back not to work when I am not committed 100 % .

Fast Forward in 2018 I started with Andrew Ngs DL specialization when Fastai was just talked about on twitter, I remember asking Jeremy Howard on twitter about the diff between two courses and since then Fastai has such popularity huge community that when again I opened twitter in 2021 I couldn’t stop but to start with DL again after my Trouble Makers started school/preschool after Covid Pandemic RollerCoaster at home :smiley:

In the past few months I have greatly benefited from Part one and then moved to CV courses from like Stanford’s and other books, I am slowly applying knowledge and mostly interested in research side then applications and now considering some research positions too (I will post update about that may be later) I made account but not was not active posting or asking anything that’s the problem when you are born googler :slight_smile: also was waiting for perfect time to intro myself.

That was too much but Thanks Jeremy for your course and also thanks for following me on twitter my handle : durbangash
I love my journey as a mother, traveling in France a lot, big fan of Cricket also Football as I live with my family in Paris suburbs where we have our National Football center, that’s exiting enough :slight_smile:

Here for Stable Diffusion that’s causing some Confusions lol
Hope to stay connected
All the Best


Hello all :slight_smile:!

So I have been reading some of the wonderful introductions on this thread and was amazed by the diversity of backgrounds people are from. I thought I would add myself as well on the list :sweat_smile:!

My name is Abdullah Zeeshan, and I am from Hyderabad, India :india:. I was brought up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia:, where I spent the initial years of my life. Lovely days of the late 90s and early 2000s. I spent most of my childhood creating art :art:, writing calligraphy :writing_hand:, gaming :joystick: on Play Station and the old classic PC (remember that old white box?!), reading comics :man_superhero: , and doing Math :heavy_plus_sign:! Yeah, you read it write, I loved doing Math back then!

I have just ventured into this world of AI & Deep Learning, which was a dream of mine when I was in my late teens. For some personal reasons, I couldn’t pursue it back then, and now I am in a phase where I want to get back and hopefully succeed at it :see_no_evil:!

I do not have a clear vision yet of where I want to go and what I want to do specifically. But I am clear on one thing- I want to build some cool AI stuff someday. Now, that might sound like a dream of a six year old, but who cares :innocent:!

One of the things that inspired me recently (and gave hope) was this talk given by Rachel Thomas.

It was one of those times when I was mindlessly exploring talks/podcasts on YouTube around AI and listening to various advices from practitioners on getting into AI as a beginner.

Rachel’s talk introduced me to the course and a little bit of research convinced me that this is a really promising course. Many people who went on to successfully work in AI said that this course was how it all began for them.

I have a deep sense of gratitude for @jeremy and Rachel Thomas for the work they are doing :heart:.

So here I am, with a dream to chase :running_man:, and a simple goal to begin with, which is completing this course :trophy:.

May all of us cherish in our lives :heart_eyes:!


Thank you for your message and sorry for my late reply. Is your wife a physicist also?

I have been studying and working based on what I learned from Jeremy’s courses for the past three years. Glad to be back.

Duc Haba, AI Solution Architect at,

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Hi everyone,

I’m starting the course for the first time (1st lesson completed <3 )
My main background is software engineering, checking out AI for the first time.

Glad to have found this site :slight_smile:


Hello there. I’m at the intermediate level in deep learning and I find it fascinating! I found working through the examples and applying it to a particular domain to be the best method of learning.


Hi everyone!
I am Smit Zaveri. Today I embark my journey on deep learning. Hope to learn and give back to the community.
Thank you all for providing such a platform to get started. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Razvan, currently in Perth, Western Australia.
Doing software development for a living, I want to take part in this cool ML thing.
Hopefully this time I stick to it and finish the course, as it’s not my first attempt.


Hey all :wave:

I just started the course (working through Lesson 2 now). My educational background is in Philosophy (BA + MA), and I’ve been doing software development professionally for just over 7 years. I mostly work on backend web applications (using Java and Go mostly).

Excited to be here!



My name is Ahmed Samir, I’m from Egypt. I’ve been into Data Science and Machine Learning for a while, and started taking it seriously around a year ago.

I’ve been hearing about the fastai course since 2019, and I postponed taking it numerous times waiting for the right time.

I read most of the fastai book around 6 months ago, and it literally took my skills to a different level, where I was able to win a silver medal in a Kaggle competition (UW-Madison GI Track Competition).

Currently I’m in a 9-month intensive training Data Science program in Egypt, and I decided to take the newest version of the course along with some of my colleagues.

My twitter is @ahmedsamirio. I currently have 0 followers :sweat_smile:, but I hope I make a network of fastai students to share stuff with and interact through twitter, and of course through the forums.

I love powerlifting, but can’t find the time to do it right now, and I really love reading non-fiction books, and watching documentaries.


Hello everyone,

My name is Daniel from Iran right now living in Germany.

I studied Nuclear engineering for 2 years in Iran but i didn’t finish it.

I am full stack developer (nextjs, nodejs, tailwind, prisma, reacjts) and i have a done a lot of CTFs in the past (top 1% rank in TryHackMe | alpha21) also have found a IDOR vulnerability in one private company through hackerone platform.

i have built a lot of web project and right now a lot of project that i want to build will need some sort of machine learning. like i know how to build the web part but i don’t know about ML part.

I am really excited about the course :smiley:
Let’s build cool stuff with ML :fire:


Hello all, I’m Stephen Reid Bio from my site:

Stephen Reid is a teacher, technologist and coach devoted to the flourishing of Life on Earth who has trained in the fields of complexity science, physics, software development, transformative coaching, meditation and plant medicine. He writes a regular newsletter, teaches the Life as Practice course, and is a member of the not-for-profit worker co-operative Dandelion Collective, where he leads the development of the Dandelion platform for regenerative events and co-created gatherings.

Previously, he founded The Psychedelic Society, taught the How to DAO, Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance, The Promise of Decentralisation & Introduction to web3 courses, served as the youngest ever board member of Greenpeace UK, and consulted for organisations including the New Economics Foundation and the Living Wage Foundation. Stephen has an MPhys in Physics from the University of Oxford, where he specialised in quantum field theory, and an MRes in Complexity Sciences from the University of Bristol.