How to set up AWS for Part 1 v2

I’ve found lots of posts, some videos, but I’m not sure exactly what to use/follow. I imagine there’s an AMI that’s mostly set up already.

Here’s what I’ve found:

Comprehensive setup instructions and video, apparently for the previous course:
This refers to an AMI that works with a p2 or p3, and also how to set up a p3: Using AWS P3 instances
An AMI for testing - is this the one? AWS AMI available for testing
Introductory workshop - says an AMI will be available. In-class discussion: Introductory workshop
Some alternate scripts for setting up AWS: AWS GPU install script and public AMI


I would suggest this awesome write up from @reshama


Yes follow reshmas…She did a fantastic job…I was newbee as well…now i am comfortable in AWS…
Let me know if you have any question…even simple ones…i will do my best…


guys as soon as i did .ssh -L8888:localhost:8888
i got this in return
ssh: connect to host port 22: Resource temporarily unavailable
could anyone help me in figuring out where actually the problem is

Wait for few minutes after the launch of the instances…

thanks for replying it’s been 30 minutes ,but still it’s showing me the same error as above

Can you share the screen shot of your terminal…


here you go

Are you sure you are in the correct directory??

Moreover the command is also incorrect…

it’s ssh -i … Acceskeyfile…

ls -a
And if there’s a .SSH folder,
Do a
cd .ssh/

Have a search beforehand…

Hey Naveen … Are you using some shared LAN like in a University … ? It does happen that when LAN is used the ssh request bounces many times and then timeout occurs. However if you use wifi instead it gets connected instantly. So you can do one thing … Just use your mobile wifi for connecting to AWS and then continue using it with ur LAN . It then works smoothly.

@ecdrid as you guided me ,here are the results,could you please tell me know what mistake i must have did

Where’s your .pem file??

Have a look at wiki lesson 1…

There’s a doc file there…

Or have a look at reshma’s post

Just follow it blindfolded…

Do create a access key pair file using AWS webpage and then move that file to .SSH directory…
And then run the command…

Jeremy did give a session doesn’t AWS at the end of his lecture…

Either the 1st or 2nd…(not sure which one)

It was 2nd lecture.

please @ecdrid and @Vishucyrus correct me if i’m wrong
first step
ssh-keygen -t rsa
after getting those keys i should moved it to my hard drive
using this command
cp .ssh/ /mnt/c/Users/ADMIN/Documents/
then share this key to AWS through import key option .

if this method of mine is correct .could you please tell me how to create a .pem file

In the lecture Jeremy only used ssh-keygen … (without -t rsa)
I don’t know about creating a .pem file… But I guess you want this to use with putty… If so then you don’t need to create .pem file. You can follow these steps…

  1. cp .ssh/id_rsa /mnt/c/Users/ADMIN/Documents/
  2. Open PuTTYgen app and load id_rsa
  3. Click “Save private key” with the name id_rsa.ppk
  4. Use this to connect to your AWS instance with puTTY .

Note - I tried to do this with puTTY but got the same result until I changed my Internet Source.

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we can create .pem file using aws website itself…