Using AWS P3 instances

I just checked, and our fastai part1v2 AMI instance for p2 also works just fine on p3! :slight_smile:

However, the conda version of pytorch that’s installed isn’t optimized for the p3, so you need to conda remove pytorch, and then install pytorch from source using the steps on their web site (which turns out to be very easy, thanks to the pytorch team’s awesome process and docs). After that, you can pip install torchvision to get that back.

I haven’t had a chance to benchmark properly yet, but it’s looking pretty good…


Oh wow - the P3 is 800% faster than P2 for training with fastai!

(Time to do 12 epochs on the new seedlings competition with the latest fastai repo and new pytorch installed from source.)

Thanks @spisakjo and team for making these available :slight_smile:


Also a good place to take nasnet for a test run

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Hey @jeremy, I’ve done some rudimentary benchmarking. It certainly is way faster. [Adv] Significant changes to fastai just pushed

However, the learner object creation is taking more than 8 minutes. And then, it’s fast. Are you facing something similar on p3?

Currently I’m using the conda version of PyTorch. I could try benchmarking again by installing it from source.

That’s your problem - once you install from source this problem will go away.

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Making the changes right away. Thank you.

After I build PyTorch from source, there’s no initialization delay in conv_learner. Works smoothly. :slight_smile:


Just want to confirm I pick the right Package Manager and CUDA from for AWS p3 instance.

That’s not source - that’s from a package. You’ll find the install from source docs in the pytorch readme.

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Does anybody out here knows the pricing details for P3 instances ?

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Pricing info is available at the end of this file: fastai aws image

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Thank you . I could not find their pricing structure anywhere on the internet . It is really odd.

Yes, AWS does not make it straightforward. Here’s a link to the AWS Pricing Worksheet (aka Simple Monthly Calculator) which requires assumptions and forecasting your use.

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I got this chart after emailing them :

p3.2xlarge - $3.06 per Hour
p3.8xlarge - $12.24 per Hour
p3.16xlarge - $24.48 per Hour


Under the GPU Instances - Current Generation.


Hi @jeremy, Hi all users of AWS p3, Hi all people that would like to use a AWS p3,

Just to let you informed. I asked AWS to let me use a p3 instance.

  • Their answer : no.
  • The argumentation of their answer : you have to spend (more money) on p2.xlarge and then, we will see if we let you use a p3 (and spend your money there).

The full answer from AWS :

I received an update from the Service Team and they were not able to grant the limit increase of this type due to the amount of Spend on your account.
In order to grant access to this type of instances, you would need to show that you have at least ran large instance types for a while.
I tried my very best to advocate for you as I understand that you needed the P3 instances for Fastai international program.
My suggestion is that you continue to use the p2.xlarge instance that you do have access to in order to increase the spend on your account so that we can reassess the request for p3 instance types.

You can use p3 spot instances without jumping through $$$ hoops.

@fizx : I did not understand your answer. How can I use a p3 instance if AWS does not want ?

If you request a SPOT instance, they will let you have whatever you like. Last I checked, spot instances come from a different allocation pool and the base access level is much more permissive.

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That’s crazy - I’ll send them a nasty-gram right away!