Following along in the book: Lessons => Chapters

Here’s a summary of what chapters are covered in each lesson, if you’re trying to read the book first and then complete the lesson. I couldn’t find a syllabus anywhere so I’m posting it here. Jeremy states in the first or second lesson that they won’t cover the whole book in this course and that there will be 1 or 2 more courses to cover the rest of the book. The Deep Learning Foundations course that’s currently released is from 2019 and doesn’t align directly with the book so those courses are forthcoming as of this post (9/11/2020).

Lesson 1 - Most of Chapter 1
Lesson 2 - Finish Chapter 1, Chapter 2
Lesson 3 - Finish Chapter 2, Start Chapter 4 (Chapter 3 skipped until Lesson 5)
Lesson 4 - Finish Chapter 4, Start Chapter 5
Lesson 5 - Chapter 3
Lesson 6 - Finish Chapter 5, Complete Chapter 6, Start Chapter 8 (Chapter 7 Skip?)
Lesson 7 - Finish Chapter 8, Complete Chapter 9
Lesson 8 - Complete Chapter 10 and Chapter 12 (Chapter 11 Skip?)


Thanks! I’m going to post this to my study group I created! This way we can decide to combine lessons or stick with the book or find out what they want to do.