Lesson | Chapter | Tutorial Ordering

I figured out a coherent order to the Lectures & Chapters but, still not sure on how to integrate the documentation tutorials into the course.

Chapter 1 says, “…check out its documentation or a tutorial and try it out. Note that the book.fast.ai website contains links to recommended tutorials for each chapter.”

However, book.fast.ai just redirects to course.fast.ai.

Does anybody have any recommendations?

The book is just a printed version of the jupyter notebooks so I think the book and tutorials are the same thing and that’s why it redirects to the same place. So if we are on chapter 5 in the book then the tutorial you want is notebook 5.

How can they be the same when the Sylvain Quote says there are: “…recommended tutorials for each chapter.”

It would be like saying to look at itself.

It’s possible that the “tutorials” in the quote refers to the lectures…which is what book.fast.ai links to.

But, there’s a section in the documentation that’s literally labeled “Tutorials”

I think the tutorials section in fast.ai is documentation for the library and examples for people who are not taking the course. Although, we can feel free to refer to the documentation, they look like they mostly cover the same thing or are not really a necessary part of the course.

I think the “tutorials” that we are supposed to go through for this course are the jupyter notebooks, that we run through in the lectures of the course that are the book in jupyter notebook form, and the course website shows you how to setup a cloud notebook server to run them along with the lessons.

You might want to check this thread out as it helped me and my study group.