Lessons => Book Chapters

Hi @jeremy,

If you think it’s a good idea, are you able to please provide a list of how the lessons may correlate with the book chapters as per this post here for the 2020 version: Following along in the book: Lessons => Chapters ?

I was thinking it may help me with preparing for coming lessons and also to cover chapters between lessons that won’t be directly covered.

Sure. I’ve been mentioning it in each lesson, but I’m happy to jot it down here too.

Lesson 1: Chapter 1
Lesson 2: Chapter 2
Lesson 3: Chapter 4
Lesson 4 (planned): More chapter 4; Chapter 10 (but totally new material)

Remember: the course isn’t a 1:1 mapping to the book. It’s designed to be taken in addition to reading the book. The course provides more interactive material, whilst the book provides a lot more depth.

I can’t know ahead of time what chapters we’ll get to in each lesson. But I do write down my plan for the next lesson’s notebooks in the lesson forum topic.