About the UTC-8 Pacific category

If you’re on the west coast of the US, or in a time-zone near UTC-8, or just want to connect with folks in that group, here’s the category to do it. (Even if you’re not in that group, feel free to join in here if you wish. The same timezone will just make it easier to connect in real time and narrow down the group size so that it’s easier to connect locally.) For more information about these local categories, see this post.

I suggest that you create separate topics in this category for things like:

  • Course discussion in your native language
  • Organize virtual study groups for people in your time zone
  • A topic that sets up a system for organizing local in-person study groups (e.g. using a Google Sheets or similar)
  • Discussion of DL topics that are specific to your region
  • …or anything you think will be useful to you and your fellow students.

Be bold and creative! What ideas can you come up with which will make your learning journey better, and help you connect with like-minded people?

Note: this is a wiki thread, which means you can edit this post. Feel free to edit it in whatever way you and your fellow students decide is most helpful.


Thanks Jeremy! Looks like I’m the first here, but I’m looking forward to meeting more of you in this region.
Also, if you’re local to the SF bay area, see this post to talk about organizing local study groups.

Great idea on time zone clusters. It was already getting a little overwhelming but still super exciting to see so many global students.

Looking forward to the study group.

the atmosphere sounds electrifying … I wish I was in the live class :slight_smile:

Announcing two new Weekly Remote Live Study Groups!

(1) The Deep Learning from the Foundations Study Group meets on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

The purpose of this study group is to review the lectures and material from the course Deep Learning From the Foundations also known as Fast.ai Course 2 v3, which launched on Friday, June 28th.

The first session, on Saturday June 29, will be devoted to a review of Practical Deep Learning for Coders (aka Fast.ai Course 1 v3).

Then, beginning on Saturday July 6, each weekly study group session will cover half a lesson of Deep Learning From the Foundations. The plan is to progress through the seven lessons over 14 weeks, finishing on Saturday October 5th.

The last five sessions, ending on Saturday November 9th, will be devoted to mini-presentations on papers or projects of interest from the community.

(2) The Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning Study Group meets on Saturdays from10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Time.

The purpose of this study group is to review the course Stanford CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, which ran during Winter quarter earlier this year; the lectures are available on YouTube.

The current plan is to progress through the 20 course lectures at the rate of one lecture per session, beginning Saturday June 29th, and ending Saturday November 9th.

Deriving maximum benefit from study groups such as these depends on your coming to each meeting prepared, having reviewed relevant lectures and materials beforehand, following up with practical work to deepen your understanding afterwards.

Study groups will meet weekly via live Zoom Videoconference, beginning Saturday June 29, 2019. They are hosted on TWiML & AI x fast.ai, courtesy of @sam (Sam Charrington). We will communicate on the TWiML Slack Group using channels #fast_ai_dl and #stanford_cs224n_group, respectively.

Here is the Current TWIMLAI study group schedule for both of the new study groups. All are welcome to participate!

To receive weekly meeting notifications containing the live Zoom Meeting links, sign up at TWiML & AI x fast.ai. You will also be invited to the TWiML Slack Group, which you should join. Channels for Study Groups (1) and (2) are #fast_ai_dl and ##nlp_dl_cs224n, respectively.

Next, install the Zoom client (it’s free).


Update: the #stanford_cs224n_group has now been replaced by #nlp_dl_cs224n, which is the official, public channel for the Stanford CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning study group. Please join, if interested!

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