Live local categories ("UTC...")

We’ve got >2000 Live participants, so using this main category for local discussions about study groups (whether they be physical or virtual) or other local-specific categories (such as non-English discussions) would get too unwieldy. Therefore, I’ve created 10 (approximate) local categories for Live participants. They are:

  • UTC-8 Pacific
  • UTC-6 Central
  • UTC-5 Eastern
  • UTC-3 Sth America
  • UTC+0 UK / EU West
  • UTC+2 EU East
  • UTC+3 Russia
  • UTC+5 India
  • UTC+8 China / SE Asia
  • UTC+10 Aus / NZ

Obviously I can’t list every time zone and country here - the idea is that you can decide which of those groups seems closest to a group of people that are likely to be up and chatting at a similar time to you, and that you are most likely to share a language and cultural understanding with. Feel free to join other groups too of course! :smiley: To remove region-specific posts from the main category, simply choose ‘none’ in the subcategory list on the topic list page.

Each group has a welcome topic something like this:


Request: a “Virtual Chat group category” for anyone interested in doing a virtual meetup instead of a local one.


The idea is that you make that request in a category for your time zone. That’s why time zone is part of the category spec. So you can create a virtual study group with other folks aware when you are! :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry, I misunderstood it to be for meetups :sweat_smile:

An unrelated query, but are the timings for the live lectures gmt ? if not, which time zone?

I am in Russia but in UTC+5 timezone :smile:

Strictly speaking only UK, Ireland and Portugal are at UTC+0, the majority of EU is on UTC+1 (with only 7 countries in UTC+2). :slight_smile:

These are just rough groups categories, Russia takes up about 8 timezones last I checked. But also the intention that folks who speak the same language might better fit in the same group. That’s why Russia is UTC+3.

But remember you can be in any group. There are no borders. The groups are to keep things sane for you, not to isolate or box anybody.

Also feel free to create sub-groups, so in Russia, you can have UTC+3, UTC+4, etc… hope it makes sense. You can do anything you want as long as it helps you.


When these categories were created, the idea was to create groups of about 3h apart, so nobody will be more than 1h away from at least one group, with some rare exceptions. The countries attached to the timezones are just a hint of the area… I hope it makes sense.

Yes, I’ve got it, just a joke =)

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The timings in the calendar in the welcome post should automatically appear in your time zone. Otherwise, we use use pacific time.


check the google calendar posted