2022 Study Group Anyone?

Hi @bbrown and @willsa14
Because of the time zone I received the message in the midnight, I didn’t see that meetup link, sorry for that, shall we meet up today or tommorow waiting for your reply guys.

Hi @Mukeshraj sorry for the delay in putting up the link. I’ll put the link up shortly for next Tuesday’s study group

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@Mukeshraj I won’t have time to meet up again before next Tuesday, but here’s my notebook for the tabular data playground in case you want to look:

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Ok @willsa14 we will meet up next week…

Hi all,

I would also like to join the study group. I’m studying through fastbook and have completed 12 chapters.

Sure @sadivam, you can join us at the next study group on Tuesday @ 8pm EST. I will post the google meet shortly.


Hi Everyone, So for last week and this coming week, the study group is trying on our ML application muscles a bit and we have diverted from the lectures and the readings to see how much we have been able to retain thus far (next week we will go back to the lectures FYI).

Though we are all in different places in our studies, we thought this would be a good method for retaining what we have learned so far.

Specifically, we are using the following Kaggle Competition as put of our study.

In the next study group, we will be going over our approach with ML with tabular data from this project and using the practices we learned in this FastAI course. As such, if you would like to just us for the next study group, please review the competition and come prepared with questions, Eurka and suggested approaches to solving the current ML use case.

FastAI Study Group 2022
Tuesday, May 17 · 8:00 – 9:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/rki-bzee-mpu

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I’m going to be ten minutes late today. See you soon!

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Here’s my notebook from today:

So I found this working in the tabular tutorial

Note : Sometimes with tabular data, your y 's may be encoded (such as 0 and 1). In such a case you should explicitly pass y_block = CategoryBlock in your constructor so fastai won’t presume you are doing regression.