YouTube Live stream Not shared for Part 2 International Fellowship

I got mail from that I was selected for International Fellowship. I have filled the form.It was mentioned that private forum category will be shared few days before the course starts.But I did not get any notification of the same.Did the first class happen today?Can you share the YouTube Live stream link?I am trying to post this thread for the past 2 hours but getting the error response.

Hi. The Youtube live stream link will be shared sometime before the start of each class. Yes, the first class happened today. You have to check the Forum where they will be sharing the link for live stream. There was some problem with Forum this morning since many people were trying to access it. And that’s why you were not able to post your message.

Hi Avinash,
Can you post the forum thread link where the Youtube live stream link is shared?

That’s the thread. Jeremy said during the class that the edited lecture will be posted soon. I guess the live streamed video will still be accessible through the link. If not, you should wait until the video gets posted.

Thanks Avinash for the prompt reply.

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Youtube ‘Live’ Stream, is for the international fellowship students.
They have no other reason to have a live stream.

Jeremy has upgraded the server, hopefully we won’t run into a problem next time.

Edit : Video is up and running.

I think it would be great for @jeremy to send a broadcasted email containing the youtube link to every international students when it is available as the forums usually get DDOs by all the people coming at the same time to get the link. It happened on part 1 and same goes for part2 :frowning: