Wanna do deep learning, collaborate, create an app?

To DL geeks,

I completed the fast.ai v3 part 1 recently, did a couple of side projects related to Image classification, played with hooks to understand activations, RNNs and so on. I think I am better than average now.

I have some ideas related to sound data and wanna pair up with someone, maybe deploy an app. I have primarily worked with Google colabs for fast.ai, but have experience with Azure ML service workspace and am open to use other platforms.

If you have some time this month or next to collaborate, let’s connect and discuss :slight_smile:
Feel free to message me by clicking on my name above.


Hello Saurabh! I am completing part 1 in the near future and I am on the hunt for interesting projects to build a portfolio and advance my skills.

I have been doing fast.ai through Kaggle notebooks. My prior experience in programming is some python scripting in VFX environments, and building mobile apps in React Native.

I’d like to hear your ideas. Feel free to message me. I am replying here instead of in private because I think the more open ideas are, the more susceptible they are to becoming better.

Hi @smah1996, @NicWick, I am too on the lookout for a partner, esp one who also has expertise in UI development.
I just rolled out this app and putting together the UI was probably the hardest part for me. :upside_down_face:

However I have my own ideas that I am looking to work on but I am ready to collaborate in whatever way it helps mutually.

I’ve taken a career-break so able to work full-time and I’m from Bangalore, India.

@NicWick @nikhil_no_1
Thanks for showing interest in the proposal. I have texted you personally. Let’s brainstorm.