Unsupervised Clustering Algorithms

I am (about to start) working on Unsupervised Clustering Algorithms. This is for grouping customers into similar categories based on their shopping patterns.
This course has been amazing so far, but I am not sure where exactly to look for the given requirements. Would you give me some directions here.

Any help would be awesome!
Thank you!

Hi Sahil
This sounds like the Supermarket problem so given customer behaviours x1 x2 can we find any latent factors to describe them. You can try random forest, PCA, K means clustering and Boltzmann machines
Have a look at this video at the 2 hour point Lesson 3: Deep Learning 2018 - YouTube and read this Data used in lesson3-rossman.ipynb.
Also read chapter 9 in the book.
Regards Conwyn

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Thank you so much @Conwyn
I will definitely check it out
I was also wondering if certain Kaggle competitions such as this should be seen as a basic guideline

Thank you again!