Data used in lesson3-rossman.ipynb


I am new to fastai course. I am trying to follow the 2018 version part 1 course and
I am wondering where can I download some datasets used in lesson3-rossman.ipynb
I am aware that some data can be downloaded from Kaggle, but some of them with the names
’store_states’, ‘state_names’, ‘googletrend’, ‘weather’, cannot be found on Kaggle.

I am wondering if anyone can point me to the link. Thank you for your help and sorry if it’s a
duplicating question.

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I think I found the data. Sorry for bothering everyone.

That’s good that you found the data. Could you say more about how you found it or what made it hard to find at first? This will help others who have a similar problem.

I am having the same problem. Can you please share where you found it please?


You can download the dataset from page

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Is this related to the recent updates? I cloned fastai on my desktop last month and fastai/courses/dl1/data contained a rossman folder, but pulling up a new paperspace machine, fastai/courses/dl1/data only has dogscats data.

Edit - nevermind. Remember kids, don’t post before coffee.

“In addition to the provided data, we will be using external datasets put together by participants in the Kaggle competition. You can download all of them at