[Unofficial, Virtual] SF/Bay Area Study Group

I am getting an error saying that the video call is full. Seems like the max is 9 guests + 1 host.

At this point I am probably the only 1 who will make it go over. We can probably figure out the maximum capacity thing next week, don’t want to be too much trouble.

Oh no! I’ll mention it to the host. I heard someone is dropping off soon so you may be able to hop in.

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Okay! looks like there’s a spot open now. :smiley:
Also they’re going to expand it to the payed version to have more spots for next week.

Hey guys, as agreed, I used the forum to write down my project idea:


Any feedback (and/or sign-up) would be very appreciated!

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Because this was asked:
Here is a little plain python implementation of error rate:
preds=[1,1,1,0] #batch size of 4
labels = [0,1,1,0]
corrects = [float(pred == label) for pred,label in zip(preds,labels)] #float(1==0) = 0
error_rate = 1 - sum(corrects)/len(preds) # len(preds) is your batch size



Referring to the suggestion provided yesterday regarding Paperspace from Jeremy

Hi, I totally missed this thread. I would like to also be added to that group. I am in south bay and work in Bioinformatics. Hope yesterday’s ‘virtual’ meeting was productive. Could you please add me to the calendar invite? email is : dina.hafez@gmail.com. Thanks

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I’m planning on participating in this group but won’t be able to join calls at 6:30. We have a toddler, and that’s slap bang in the middle of his bathtime. I’ll keep track of everyone on this thread though.

Hope everyone’s doing well.



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Thanks @GullyABurns, @steef has taken amazing notes regarding the meeting, the next meeting is on Monday at 6.30pm, if you have other preference and time we can try to accomodate them. we are around 13 people only. Best

Hello @steef

I missed this thread. I am based of San Jose and I work in VLSI hardware design. I would like to be part of the hangout session as well.

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I’ll try to join too since in the same time zone.

Hi all,

I’ve just done another round of sending out invites to new participants of our SF/bay area study group.

We now have a weekly Monday 6:30-7:30pm PST time slot aimed at preparing for the Tuesday lesson and a weekly Thursday 6:30-8:30pm PST time slot aimed at debriefing the prior lesson.

If anyone has reached out to me with their email address and you don’t have an invite by now, please direct message me (again if needed - sorry!) to make sure I add you!

Giacomo has been so friendly to set up a Zoom room for us which we’ll start to use from tomorrow. Details are in the calendar invite. Thanks @giacomov!

If you are unable to join our study group at the proposed times, you can still follow along by reviewing the meeting notes here. Also we may be able to accommodate different meeting times; if you have any suggestions, please just add a comment on the linked doc.


FYI for everyone interested in this group: I’ve added more emails to the various calendar invites and the doc. If I missed you and you wanted to be included, please direct message me with your email address and I’ll happily add you.

Note that today we’ll be dialing into Zoom and the details are in the calendar invite.


Hey guys,
sorry but I had to change the Zoom link. This is the new one:

Zoom ID: 236228728

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Hi All,

Sorry I missed this thread but would love to join this study group. I am based out of San Jose. It will be great e-meeting you guys!


We will meet this Thursday around 7.30pm. Looking forward to meeting you. Feel free to provide your email to @steef or also me so we can share with you the google docs in advance


Hi all,

A little late in the party here. I also live in the Bay Area (Marin County) and just as @steef I am lucky to still have a full time job so meeting in the evenings works perfect for me. @steef please let me know what info you need for me so I can be added to the calendars e-invites. Cheers!

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Hey @steef, I sent you a message with my email. Please add me.

Steef, Would you please add me to the email list. Mine is golz@yahoo.com. I can likely do Thursdays, but Mondays might be tough for me.
Thank you!

@init_27 can you make the post a wiki post please and add this document?

best regards.