[Unofficial] Office Hours: Saturdays 5 PM PT

Goal: To host a weekly AMA call to answer questions from the course + General Machine Learning.

Schedule: Saturdays 5 PM PT
Ideally the call will be 30 minutes, but I would have to the bandwidth to keep it open for longer

Link to Join: Zoom Note, you will have to do a one time sign up here, this is in order to avoid “zoom bombing”

What questions are allowed: Professor Zach and I would love to answer any/all questions. No questions are too stupid or basic.


Hi Everyone,
If you’re new to the community, welcome to the best family of coders and ML Practitioners! :smiley:

I’ve been taking the course for the past 3 years and also had the chance to take it live this year too!

Together with my friend Professor @muellerzr (Please call him professor, he absolutely hates it :grin:) I’d like to run a (very) unofficial weekly office hours call: If you’ve any questions from the course or about Deep Learning, please come drop by, we’d like to try our best to answer them.

Disclaimer: I’m by no means an expert but have had the chance to take course with a “head start” and might be able to help with any questions or point you to a thread where they would have been discussed earlier.


We’re live :tea:

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Can we have office hourse at IST ?

The Fastbook sessions would be the best for the same, I’ll try to create one but maybe 15 days later, sorry about this.

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So, this was fun! Got to discuss some important stuff.
@KevinB, will the issue you are working on pushed to the repo? If yes, I will keep an eye out :wink:

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I believe so. The only real change I am proposing after bouncing some different ideas around is to reduce the beta slightly. I’m going to try 0.9 and see how that affects things