TWiML Online Study Group - Saturdays 9 am US Pacific - 4/5 pm UTC

Hey everyone!

TWiML will once again be hosting an online study for Deep Learning Part 1, this time for the v3 course. We’ll be following the live course schedule, meeting weekly on Saturdays to discuss the previous lecture, notebooks and assignments. We meet via Zoom and host a Slack channel for the course as well.

Meeting times are 9 am Pacific, which is 4 pm UTC through the 11/3 session, then 5 pm UTC thereafter.

Signup is via the TWiML Online Meetup at

You’re welcome to join us.


I joined the Slack channel and subscribed to the podcast. The episode with Jeremy Howard is really informative!

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Great podcast! Thank you for that.

Thanks Maxim and Chris!

Thank Sam, for posting here, very pleased to see TwiML community and podcast series. Especially amazing episode with Jeremy. I also just joined slack channel, hope to spend more time with fellow students in upcomimg Meetup.

Thanks, Pankymathur!

Looking forward to the first meeting of the new incarnation of TWIMLAI study group later today!