Study group thread GMT+1/UK

Hi everyone, if there is enough interest we could start a study group.


Perhaps could join this effort / group?


Awesome, thank you for organising.

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Hi @strickvl ,

Thanks for the initiative. Coincidentally, I work in Leiden (LUMC). Do you have any plan for a F2F meetup?


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No plans for that, and basically everyone participating in this group are outside the NL.

@strickvl Any idea on study groups or meetups in PST time zone. Really interested to participate and learn.

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You could start your own? A meetup and zoom account are relatively cheap to get started with and there are other free alternatives like Eventbrite + Google Meet, too. Maybe post in discord or setup a thread here in the forum to gauge interest before you start anything formally?

That was basically all I did when I started the Delft FastAI meetup.

As some additional motivation, I can confirm that setting up a group is a great investment. You meet interesting people and get the added benefits of shared accountability somehow. No regrets on my end :slight_smile: