Europe / UK or West Africa-based 2022 Study Group

Putting this here as a stub for anyone based in a GMT / CEST / GMT+1 time zone who is registered to take the new 2022 version of the fastai course live (starting in a few weeks. I’d be happy to organise meetings on weekends to discuss the lessons / course / work as we go through it.

I run the Delft FastAI Study Group Meetup and we have a channel over on the fastai discord server (#delft-fastai), so please feel free to join and/or message here if you’d like to join me in meeting up as we go through the new iteration of the course!

Fastai Course Lesson 1: Q&A / Discussion, Sun, May 1, 2022, 11:00 AM | Meetup will be the first meetup following the first lesson earlier that week.

Note: this meetup is for those who will be following along with the live course (either online or in person). I may repeat it a second time once the course gets released online subsequently, but for now it’ll basically only be accessible if you’re registered to take the live course.


FYI @johnstrick @optimusfelix in case interest in joining for the sessions.


@strickvl how is the format of this meetup group going to be?

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It’s basically defined by the group. But what I found worked in the past was just to have a space and time set aside to:

  • check in with how we’re doing with the previous week’s lessons + practicing what we learned
  • answering any questions or problems or difficult areas that people have
  • (possibly possibly) discussing collaborating on specific small projects together

But mainly it’s for the first and second point. It’s purposely unstructured and there is no agenda beyond starting with a check-in with everyone at the beginning.

Obviously the first session is an opportunity for people to introduce themselves, as well.


Thanks for sharing the plan @strickvl. Looking forward to join the meetup sessions.


Looking forward to join this tomorrow morning. Do I need to join it through the Meetup group event, or is it enough to mention it here ?

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You’ll get the zoom link if you register via the meetup link. I’d prefer you register, if possible, since it saves me putting the zoom link on the open internet.


I wish I had something like this is PDT time. There are no groups active at PDT times.