Study Group - Part 2 2023, Europe/Asia timezones

Now that Part 2 has been freed to the world, who wants to set up a study group?

What I’m thinking of is:

Structure: video call every week, plus discord chat between sessions.
Time: weekday afternoon in Europe (so evening in Asia, early morning in America)
Content: semi-structured discussion of the videos, which we’ll have watched individually outside of class. e.g. taking it in turns to each explain one cell of the notebook.

All this can be changed, of course, depending who wants to join. I’m also open to in-person study partners in Berlin, but I suspect we don’t have the numbers for an offline study group here.


I am in!

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Great! Welcome, @m0saa

Do you have constraints about which times will work for you?

I am up for that

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I took the course synchronously, but couldn’t finish it. I would love to join as well.

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I am also interested in joining. Iam also in Berlin by the way👋

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19h+ on weekdays gmt time,

how about weekends.?

I’d be interested in joining too!

I also want to join

If there is space for more, I’d like to join too.

Great idea! I am keen to join the study group too. I’m based in Singapore, GMT+8 timezone. Afternoon Europe time works great

I am based in Pakistan. Would like to join too

Is the study session only for Part 2? I am starting the course from scratch, i.e. Practical Deep Learning Part 1.

Interested in joining, from India

I’m also planning to continue with part 2 of the course. I’m in the European timezone too, so that would work very well.

I am interested in joining this study group and I am from Taiwan.

I am interested in joining this study group and I am from morocco.

Can You send us the link for zoom weekly video call and discord invitation

I’ve messaged one of the fastai Discord admins to create a channel for the study group. In the meantime, I’ve created a group chat on this forum where we can coordinate things and chat for the time being. You should be in the group I think.