Study Group - Part 2 2023, Europe/Asia timezones

Would be also interested to join :slight_smile: (timezone berlin)

Sure, I’ll add you to the group here on the forum!

However, we’ll be switching to the fastai Discord server, where we have a channel for our study group, Deep Learners. You’ll find a channel there of the same name.

You can join the server with the following link:

We’ll be having a meetup every two weeks at UTC+12. We’re just deciding on a day now.

Looking forward to joining! Let me know the details.

Hi , Looking forward tot his . Please also let us know the channel name to know more about the details

@Farah @Najdorf

You can join the Discord server with the link above. There’ll be a channel called Deep Learners under the Study Groups section.

When you’ve joined, drop a message in the channel saying hi, what UTC time zone you’re from, and what day of the week a meetup will be good for you.