Study Group New Zealand for FastAi 2020 Part 1

Hey all!

My name is Petr and I have just started Part 1 of the 2020 Fast AI course. I’m looking for anyone who would be keen to form a study group in the evenings - GMT+12 timezone


Hi Petr,
If you are unable to find anyone to join you, I know of a study group that could be useful for your timezone.

This is a US-friendly study group that should meet around 2pm on Sundays your time. I’ve joined the group on the previous day which would be too late for you (I’m based in Melbourne)

I hope this helps you out.


There is another one that’s IST Friendly, it would be 9PM your time (Please double check my math :sweat_smile:)

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Hey Sanyam, I was in your group on the Saturday - it started 8:45pm for me, so starting 10:45pm NZ time.

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Thanks heaps for the suggestion Mark! Super helpful

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Thanks Mark!

I’m sorry for the bad calculation, please excuse my skills :sweat_smile: