Study Group in Bangalore (Slack & Meetups)

hi all,
i am from Bangalore and looking forward to join a study group

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Hi @aakashns… Isn’t the meetup full for this Saturday in Bangalore? If not please let me know.

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Seating for the talks is full, but you can attend the mixers at 4:30 pm, to meet other folks.

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Guys, I have been using Tensorflow to build my project. But for this course, they are using Pytorch. So I started to learn Pytorch lately. Wrote this tutorial to use Pytorch efficiently to build model using torch.nn classes and functions. So check out this brief tutorial about Pytorch’s torch.nn module.

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Nice! You should consider turning it into a Kaggle kernel, so people can run the code as they read. I wrote a similar kernel recently.

Thanks for checking it out. Yeah great idea I will creat a kaggle kernel for it.

m too from blr… looking forward for rich discussion and learning from the group

Hey guys,
Here’s a live stream of the meetup:

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FastAI Live Study Group Meetup

Sat, Oct 20, 2018

26 people attended the meetup today. We began with a round of introductions, followed by excellent technical sessions by @crazydiv and @vinodreddyg . This was followed by an open discussion on several other topics: FastAI in production, FastAI vs. Keras/Tensorflow, Python vs. R/Matlab, how to approach the course, how to find ideas for projects and much more.

Session Videos:

  1. Productivity Tips for Kaggle Competitions (Kartik)
  2. Gradient Descent & Optimization Algorithms (Vinod)

Plans for future meetups:

  1. Show and tell (blog posts & projects from members)
  2. Discussion of FastAI lecture (doubts, ideas etc.)
  3. Discuss Kaggle competitions and form teams
  4. Technical sessions & paper discussions

Some ideas for future sessions:

  1. Gaining insights from Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  2. Structured way of finding the best hyperparameters
  3. Discussion of Leslie Smith’s paper on Learning Rates
  4. Deploying PyTorch and FastAI models to production

Shout-out to Saurabh Vyas for finding the venue (CoWrks, RMZ Ecoworld).

Also, thanks @jeremy for creating the FastAI course and library, and making it accessible to people around the world! We’re really excited to be a part of the course. :slight_smile:


Looks great! Can you tweet, and share the handle.


Thanks for sharing! You might want to also reach out to the local WiMLDS meetup to get some of them involved too. :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea. Didn’t know about WiMLDS. Will definitely get them involved in future meetups.


Hi all,
looks like I am late I in the party. I am Karan. I would like to join the meetup and learn together.

Any live chat available?

Hi I am live

I am live

no not right now. i think we can create one later after lesson 1

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Hello everyone. I am live.

We have a live discussion Slack group at .
You can join the #fastai-part1 channel