Study Group in Bangalore (Slack & Meetups)

Slack Group:

Meetup Schedule:

Whenever possible, we’ll also try to make recordings of the sessions available on YouTube.

Original Post (Oct 12):
Hi guys,
@siddhantujjain and I run a Slack group ( ) and organize regular meetups & webinars ( ) in Bangalore. We plan use to use Slack as a virtual study group and organize fortnightly meetups to discuss the course material, kaggle competitions, personal projects and more.

Thanks. I look forward to interacting with you soon! :slight_smile:


Is this the official fast AI Bangalore group?

Not sure if there’s such a thing as an official group.

I think we can meet and discuss about course , kaggle competition. Which will also helpful in sharing ideas issues.

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i am looking forward as well. thank you @aakashns


@aakashns Good to see you on the forums again! :smiley:


I am from Bangalore as well.

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Hi, I’m from Bangalore as well. Just wanted to know how the study groups are organised as we can see it’s happening on 23rd Morning 7:00-9:30 in our timezone.

Thanks Vignesh

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Hi @Neural-instinct, we are open to suggestions in terms of when and where to conduct the meetups. Our current plan is to conduct the first meetup on Saturday, Oct 20th, before the course starts.

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This study group is added to the List of part 1 study groups.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I am from Bangalore as well and looking for ward to join a study group and start this course. A beginner here myself.

That’s awesome. I wouldn’t be available for the meet up on Oct 20th. I would be joining the future sessions. Looking forward to it!

Hi everyone.

We’ll try to record the sessions so we can make it available online later.

Hi @aakashns, We started an deep learning study group for fastai a month back. I thought you guys were doing an online meetup. Also, we will be completing part 1 v2 this week. And discussed to take up part 2 v2 in the morning sessions and part 1 v3 in the afternoon sessions.

Sorry for the late notice.
If you are looking for a offline meetup, let’s collaborate, it would be beneficial for the whole community.


Happy to collaborate! :slight_smile:

We’ve already planned a meetup for this Saturday, so we’ll probably go ahead with that. Do keep us updated with your plans for Part 1 V3


I would like to join this study group and meet all in person…

That’s great Saurabh! Do join for the meetup on Sat, Oct 20

Will be in Bangalore this weekend, look forward to meet all :slight_smile: