Introduce yourself here!

Hi! I’m Rifqi from Indonesia. currently working as marketing technology, similar like data analyst job. To be honest, I’m still learning about ML/DL, never done any ML/DL related project before, but I’ve finished some of the workshops from Machine Learning Indonesia. I hope to obtain a solid knowledge of ML/DL here. Glad to join!

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whoaa cool. I never heard OCR startup company beforehand

Hi all, I am abraham Lagat from Kenya. A statistician with interest in technology especially ML/DL and IoT. Excited for the opportunity to join this course.

Hi, I am Siddharth Das, a final year B.Tech student in India. I have basic theoretical understanding of machine learning and deep learning concepts. But I lack practical knowledge and experience. From this course I want to get some practical knowledge and use this to build some projects in ML and deep learning.

Hi, I am Ashvini from Bangalore, India. I am working as Applied Research Engineer at LinkedIn. I am looking to learn new things from others and share my knowledge. I am interested Knowledge Extraction, Question Answering and Dialogue Systems.


I see you have already joined the Bangalore specific thread. Still replying with that thread URL in case someone else finds it useful : Link

Hi all, I am Remco, from the Netherlands, IT Architect working in projects related to offshore (shipping, coastguard, windmills on sea etc). Old school AI student (+20 years ago). I did some AI related projects and followed/saw previous versions of the course. Happy to join and work and learn together on this new version. Love the energy and progress!

Hey, I am Saurabh Ghanekar aka Dexter from India. I am a sophomore student pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. I am AI researcher at Next Tech Lab, a student run research lab where I work on Reinforcement Learning as well as conventional supervised learning.

Hello everyone. My name is Martijn and I am from the Netherlands. I am a big fan of Jeremy. I followed the course v2 and looking forward to the new version. I really like the top-down approach.

I hope that I will get a solid knowledge about of the deeplearning field and someday become a data scientist.

I just installed Ubuntu, let’s start with this course!! :grinning:

Hey Adrian ! We have a big group of students in Timisoara :slight_smile:. We’ll have in person study groups every week and you are very welcome to join us if you want!

Francesco, from Italy. Enterpreneur in the Analytics field, co-fouder of Quantyca and Blindata.

Hi everyone, I am Kush Kulshrestha from India. I currently work as a consultant for an Investment Management client handling some statistical financial risk models. In the past, I have experience on small scale Machine Learning systems and have worked on some medical image classification problems. I am here to understand and learn making large scale ML/DL systems and to train them efficiently in terms of both memory and time. Looking forward to connect with the community.

Hey everyone! Good to see a lot of participation from India. Happy Learning DL.

Hi Walter here from The Hague, The Netherlands. IT veteran for many years. Restlessness with gradual move into more ‘high level’ work triggered going ‘back to school’, using Coursera / Udacity. I took both Andrew Ng’s specialisations. While reluctant and slow going at first, I really got into learning again, and since developed a serious appetite for more ;-). Inspired by the prospect of further discoveries in ML (and related areas) I resolved to understand recent tools & concepts and to become much faster at experimentation myself.

Really looking forward to this course.

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Hi everyone, I’m Stefano from Italy: coder and entrepreneur. I’ve been following since the beginning and can’t wait to start the new course.

If you didn’t see it take a look at Jeremy’s 2014 TED talk.

That’s the talk that get me into

Hi Everyone, I am Krishna from Mumbai, India. I work as an Enterprise Architect for an IT services company, with primary focus on IT strategy, governance and system integration. I have done MIT’s MOOC on AI, both of Dr. Andrew Ng’s courses on ML and DL and both parts of 2017 and 2018 versions of MOOC. I am looking forward to the v3 journey and also hope to muster enough grounding and insights by being part of this forum, to undertake digital transformation initiatives in future…

Hi Everyone, my name is Peter and i come from Slovakia. Now i Live in Zürich - Swizerland. I’m working as a Tech Consultant helping Inssurance Companies to integrate new Backoffice Sofware. I love to explore new things and I belive as well that DL and ML is our future, that’s why I’m interesting in this course. I have never been working as a SoftwareDeveloper in company, but I had few smal own programing projetcs.


I’m Sundar, I have been working as a Data Engineer in IQVIA for the past 5+ years. Bangalore presents a great opportunity for community based learning. Regular participant of [AI6-Bangalore ]. Looking forward to participate, learn from all of you :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I’m Joe from Brighton in the UK, working in London.

I discovered the fastai v1 course a year ago and loved it - I loved the approach and thought Jeremy did an amazing job focusing on just what was needed at just the right points, and cutting through the complexity. Having dipped in to part 1 and 2 of the DL course for a year I’m really looking forward to systematically following the course.

I’m getting back into this area after having done some vision and physics based AI in the late 90’s early 2000’s. I worked in a startup using physics and NN’s in the early 00’s called naturalmotion which did this walking kind of thing in 2000: , which google deepmind have picked up and extended. Everything back then was hand coded, bottom up in C++ , I’m simply blown away now with what you can do now with a handful of lines of code.

I’m really interested in being applying ML to domains I’ve worked in other interest areas, and I’d love to collaborate on something. I’ve worked in computer vision, film special effects, radar system signal processing and design, and wireless telecoms. I’m also really interested in audio and music comprehension side of things, and sensing - whether image based or wireless IoT type stuff.

A work project I’m progressing is applying deep learning to modulation recognition - the problem of sensing the wireless environment and classifying what you see- whether it is broadcast TV, 2G, 3G, 4G, Wifi, satellite communications etc that you are picking up.

Looking forwrd to following along the course with you all. thanks so much to Jeremy, Rachel and everyone else who’s helping out with this effort.



Hi everyone,

I am Alessa from Romania, currently working in Belgium. I work as a researcher at University of Mons and I do volunteer for preventing HIV Grade 2 in poor developed countries. My background is from Signal Processing and I had some basic machine learning classes/projects many years ago. Everything that I know about DL, AI it is self-taught due to platform, cs231n online class and other blogs, forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

I discovered last year - and I felt in love with the approach, the community and the teachers. I am really interested to apply AI and ML to projects that have an impact on the world. My biggest focus for this year is to find projects where I can apply these skills and to teach to others, of course - because I really need outer-accountability to make use of all the motivation, ambition and enthusiasm that are within me :laughing:

Looking forward to this course and thank you for everyone who makes it happen. I am really grateful for knowing you guys :heart: and extremely excited for this new class :sun_with_face: