Study Group for Kolkata

Hey everybody from Kolkata and all around,
I am Arunava,
You can know more about me here:

Interested in hosting the Kolkata study group meetups!

The agenda of these sessions would include -
a) Getting hands-on through the notebook
b) Doubts clarification
c) Discussion on topics from the lectures
d) Anything related to AI

As of now, I lack a place to host the meetup. But I am sure, someone interested can provide their college space. or something. So interested people from Kolkata, make sure you reply and let me see the strength of part 3 live population from Kolkata

Based on the responses, I get here. I will be posting further updates. This meet is likely to happen once for each class in the part 3 and upcoming sessions.

And we can surely meet to team up build something of our own :wink: :sunglasses:
Thank you,

Pinging @swagman @Sumit2889 .
All others, please do reply.

Yeah, meetups will be great and will help us to explore more. I agree with you and it would be helpful if we find some more people from Kolkata in this group.

Sounds cool! If you know other users from Kolkata in this group, do invite them.

Inviting the rest of the Kolkata users @abhi_phy @ecdrid
If you all know others, do invite them.

Now, let;s get to talking about the meetup. Do kindly reply everyone.

Yeah sure tell us where to

And can please anyone of check my post here and answer if they know it

To be honest I dont have a place now, but we can work something out.
But I am not even getting a reply from anyone, how can I fix a date if I am not getting any responses?
Kindly reply!

Hey Everyone

Yes I am there. Tell me where to meet.

Let’s meet on 15th. Who has issues?

If you people have any place that can accomodate the five of us, then please try to get it! Any Cafe or something, any office garages, backspaces, anything would do, as long the env is healthy, clean and have some desks and chairs.

If not, I’ll have to arrange something. The thing is I wanna have the meetup once for each class. So, getting one particular location one time each week will be difficult. Let see.

No problem, but I don’t know of any location

Hi guys, sorry i was busy in going for interviews. I am ready for the meetup. There are a lot of cafes and parks in Kolkata. First we have to see if everyone is ready for the meetup or not then we’ll decide the place.

Exactly @Sumit
So you are on, I am in, @swagman is in!
@Kaushikjais is in
And I am still looking forward for the replies of @abhi_phy and @ecdrid
Anyway, 15 will not be okay for me.
Someday after 18th, would be great!
Looking forward to everyone to be in the meetup!

Hello, I’ve just launched a discussion thread on fastai study groups to gather feedbacks from the organizers and participants in order to list the best practices and also to avoid some gaps.

More information in this post. Thank you if you have a few minutes to participate in the discussion :slight_smile: Many thanks!

Hi guys, I am also from Kolkata, and would definitely like to join the study group. Thanks.