Study group 2024

Hey everyone I have enrolled in fastai course part1 and i thought having a study group would be a great thing and since there are a lot of study groups but they are old ones and it becomes necessary to create a new study group for beginners like me I am creating this study group so that we can post our queries and they can be solved and we can help each other in leveling up


I want to join

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Not sure if I should join this thread or make my own but looking to join/make a study group as well.
I live between Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Paris if anyone is interested in meeting up in person as well.

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That’s great guys I have minimal idea about how to setup a studygroup it would be helpfull if someone could help me out with it

Hey Ha’ll FYI. I’m an organizer for Data Science Philly (data philly) and we are now on lesson 6 and moving through slowly.

If any of you would like to join us we meet every thursday 6pm-7:30pm EST online. You can find the google meet link when the group begins HERE

I know you all just started, but we’d love to have you come ask questions about any previous chapters as we’d love to re-discuss it. Come on by anyone!


That sounds great thank you for inviting us we’d love to join you

We are also running a study group which has started recently; We are currently on lesson 2:
You can find more about the study group here: FBFS - Chapter 2 Discussion - #4 by Agastya

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