FBFS - Chapter 2 Discussion

Event Details:

Discussion Agenda:

  • Address any challenges you’re facing in the chapters.
  • Explore alternative approaches for completing the content.
  • Showcase your work related to the chapter to your fellow fast bunnies.

How to Prepare:

  1. Review Chapter 2 and glimpse through 3.
  2. Note down any challenges or questions.
  3. Consider alternative approaches to share.
  4. Prepare to showcase your work with fellow fast bunnies.

Previous Homework:

  • Find the way to explicitly mention the training and testing dataset with FastAI API
  • Confusion Matrix - Try to include large number of categories into the confusion matrix


  • Homework: Complete the homework decided in the previous session and attach it here
  • Projects: Submit your projects to this session thread. Let’s celebrate each other’s accomplishments!
  • Questions: Add your questions to this thread.

Fast Bunnies Unite! :rocket::rabbit:

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Would love to join the study group. I guess it is the 2nd session of the study group. Can someone share the recording of the 1st session so that I can get to speed.

We are not recording the sessions, we usually discuss the issues, approaches towards the chapter we are looking to.
Just go through Jeremy’s lecture series and you’ll be comfortable following with the session

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Found an approach to explicitly mention the test and train set but it’s only for ImageDataLoader which is ImageBased DataLoader api directly available for us to use for image based task.

Have to look if it’s even possible to do it with other type of datasets