Spanish subtitles for the videos

Hola @renato @herchu @gamino @clck10 @cuby . I hope you are all well. The world has shifted on its axis since we agreed to help translate these videos. Are you still willing and able?

It looks pretty straightforward. It seems all we have to do is correct the automatically generated translation here:

I’ve had a look at the first 9 minutes. Maybe we can divide the 82 minute video into 14 minute blocks? What do you think?


Hola Alison.

Thank you for getting this started! Yes, I am super willing and still able to help.

I like the idea of 14 minute blocks.
I could take a stab at the next 14 minutes, and as we hear back about who is still onboard, can assign them as they come? How does that sound?

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Hi guys, I am wiling and able to help too. So if you don’t mind I can do the 3rd 14 min block.


Sure. I’ll take the fourth block, then.


Lesson 2 is 91 minutes long. Let’s split it in 15 minutes chunks. I’d pick the first one, but I’ll work on it tomorrow.
Is it ok?

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Hola equipo,

We seem to be just 4 people (@herchu, @clck10, @SOVIETIC-BOSS88). Unless we hear from @renato or @gamino I suggest we go for 23 minutes blocks. If @herchu takes block 1, I’ll take block 2.

For last week’s lesson I picked up the 2 blocks that were left at the end.

Edit: Now we are 5 - so 18 minute blocks.

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Perfect. Let me get block 3.

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Ok, great!

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Sorry for the late join, which block can I work on?

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No worries. Welcome.

Assuming others haven’t yet done their translations, we can now switch to five 18 minute blocks. You can take block 4.

Ok great! :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing the auto-generated English captions. I found them useful for Lesson 1. Are you working without them in Lesson 2?


I haven’t started translating yet. I was hoping for a link to the timed text video like last week. In the meantime, we could translate the transcript

I’ve already started. heh… There were someone else working on in one of the other chunks.

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Humpf… You’re right @AlisonDavey It would be much much faster with the English captions.

I don’t know if YT only shows us the english captions if the clean english version is uploaded.
Has that something to do with what we can see while doing the translations or it is unrelated?

I don’t know, really. I feel I’m missing a lot of the YouTube’s community translation framework.

Hola, sorry for replying until now, missed the email. I am game.

Also, can someone point me to the instructions and let me know what I need to do to start?

Ok, I think I understand the process. Basically pick a time from the google sheet from Alison, and then follow this instructions. It seems like Lecture 2 was completed already. Correct?

A few comments about localizing the Spanish. I notice things like vale? and 99,99 in the translation. Can we change that to just ok? (‘vale’ is from Spain and I don’t think it generalizes well to the rest of the Spanish speaking world). Also the comma notation for decimals is European. I suggest we stick to the American way to do it since that’s what the screen and jupyter notebooks are showing. Just my two cents.