South Bay Weekend / Evening Study Groups?

hmm…Google hangouts can work when everyone is remote and dialing in, but I typically don’t have great experience when only 1-2 people are remote and rest are in the room. Invariably, the folks on the phone get left out of the side conversations. Just my thoughts. But I would be up for anything that group wants to do.

Looking forward to the meetup today. I am going to be around 4:15

We’re here, in the room with the side door. It’s building 3.

I couldn’t book the Palo Alto Lib for Wed / Thus of this week. Lets just do the Sunday 4-7pm.

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Hey All - Hope you all are having a good week. I posted about a AI Hackathon that I am hosting on May’5th (One day). Hope to see some of my study group members there. Ping me if you have any questions -


Oh… I wish I could attend :sob: Unfortunately I have other appointment.

BTW, the event page has very interesting links like this:

Extremely thank you for the info!

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I will be there Ramesh. Let me know if you need any help …

Hi @laphi - Can you confirm the time and location for our Sunday meeting. Is it at the same place as last time 4-7pm?

For those that couldn’t come last week, hope to see you this weekend. The location was amazing with whiteboards and very large screen and tons of room and parking.

@ramesh Yeah, we can meet at the same time and place as last week. Sunday 4-7pm at (Edit: Sunnyvale bayshore office). We’re in building 3, in a conference room on the ground floor directly in front of the electric parking spots. Knock and we will get the door.

See the photo on which door to enter. It’s the door on the far left.

See y’all there


Not going to be there… Day Job commitments :frowning:

@laphi - Just returned from Boys Scout Camping over the weekend. Too tired to discuss anything. I will catch up next time. Hope you guys have a good discussion.

@fmichaelkunz @ramesh Sorry to hear you couldn’t make it…

I just arrived at the room so I can get the door when people arrive, just follow the directions in the post above.

me too. work issues this week.

Thanks Ramesh for posting the details. This Saturday I have a prior commitment. But I would love to come by for couple of hours if that’s allowed.

@Deb @ramesh @sjcho @whyrv @laphi actually cannot make it up tonight to class due to work deliverables commitments. I will tune in via streaming from “an undisclosed location in Cupertino, Ca.” Wanted to say goodbye. Hopefully we can catch a drink or meal sometime. Don’t be strangers!


Oh :cry:

Anyway thanks Mike. See you again.

See you around Mike :)… It has been nice discussing ideas with you … and thanks for the help with the information … We should keep the thread alive so that we can continue as common interest meet ups.

thanks and good luck Mike. I was buried under work for the last two meetups as well.

We will.