South Bay Area (SF) Study group

Hi Folks -
Setting this up for a south bay area study group. Meeting in person (after the ‘air’ clears) or over Zoom.


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would love to join!

That would be great.
Masoud Poul

@sfyash thanks for starting the thread!

There’s another thread re: bay area study group here:

If we organize over Zoom, would probably make sense to merge them together? I’m also sure there were other study groups in SF Bay in previous years, and they definitely had a Slack.

upd: yep, Organizing study groups in SF and Bay Area

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Love to join this study group… nice to virtually meet y’all…

Would love to join too, but… what hours are you guys thinking?

I’m juggling a daily job and a 2-years old, I will probably do this in the evening…

Open in the evenings anytime after 6pm… except on Tuesdays :slight_smile:

Hi folks! Thanks to @xnutsive for pointing out that there’s another SF based group, so let’s join there instead. When conditions improve (hopefully before the course ends), I will set up time at a suitable south bay location for people to meet in person.

FYI for everyone interested in this group: over the weekend and just now I’ve added more emails to the various calendar invites and the doc. If I missed you and you wanted to be included, please direct message me with your email address and I’ll happily add you.

Note that today we’ll be dialing into Zoom and the details are in the calendar invite.

** Edit: Whoops, this was a misfire, I intended this for the other SF group – but I’ll leave this comment here anyway, since it applies to this thread too. Feel free to direct message me if you want in on our Thu & Mon 6:30PM PT study group.