Share your Quarto blog ✨

Here is mine! I recently migrated it from an older version of nbdev.

There are a few posts I’m still working on migrating. Hoping to have a fresh post up tomorrow as well.


And I’ve completed my new website! Uses quite a few Quarto features too, from tab sets to CSS grids to margin headers and much more!

The landing page features a dynamic dual listing: one listing shows my blog posts while the other listing shows my web apps. Making the window smaller stacks the lists instead. And for the web apps, I’ve embedded the ones I’ve created with Gradio and hosted on Huggingface, so I don’t need to learn JavaScript for the time being. The about me page features tab sets to reduce clutter too.

I plan to add more features in the future, mainly through Quarto extensions, such as a scroll-to-the-top button, text animations, and image lightboxes — the latter which I plan to use when I shift my 3D CG works to my website.

Quarto is cool! :smile:


A quick backstory:

  • I was inspired by this post which encouraged me to create a blog!
  • I had this strange unpleasant mindsets around “personal branding”, and yet again came this post that changed my perceptions around it!
  • I had heard about fastpages and was ready to set up my blog on it!
  • I then discovered this thread on the forums and got to know about Quarto.
  • Finally, I went on and built it. It was an amazing experience.

Here it is.

I kept it simple sort of inspired by the website.

I am experimenting with colours and stuff. I read somewhere that it is a forbidden to have a non-white background :grimacing:! Is it :sweat_smile: ?! If I change it, I will definitely keep a dark theme background. Any tips/advice is appreciated.

Turns out we can build whatever we want in it- presentations, books, and what not! Quarto is very dynamic and gives a lot of flexibility and power. I really love the feature of converting NBs directly into a blog.

Finally, I am trying to adopt practices mentioned in this post to write better blog posts.


Just upgraded to quarto. Still got some tweaks to make but so far so good.


I made blog with blogdown which use R markdown for pages, recently change to use Quarto!

Here’s my blog. No posting in English right now, but hopefully I will try soon😀


@theaeonwanderer and @wgpubs I noticed that there are no RSS feeds on your blogs. This confused me as well. Seems that Quarto default to not offering an RSS feed for sites created there, so you have to enable it manually. This commit shows the things you have to do:

  • set an explicit site-url
  • add feed: true to the index.qmd
  • (nice to have but not essential): add an RSS button to your navbar

FYI … for those of you looking to tighten up the look & feel of the top nav, especially on mobile, you might be interested in this …


This is my blog built using Quarto, I have took a challenge of writing 1 blog a week. I will write about Computer Vision, Azure, NLP and IOT.


My new quarto blog:
currently writing up about diffusion models


I have started my blog specifically for the 2022 edition of the Fast.AI course. As it turned out, creating the blog was one of the sub-projects which emerged from the course. I also summed up my experience/learnings with my Quarto blog in these posts:


I have created a new personal website with Quarto. I migrated close to 108 of my previous posts into quarto and I have no regrets so far.

Do check out my website:

Thanks to Hamel excellent migration guide and excellent documentation from Quarto, it was not that hard to migrate.


Your website looks amazing Kurian! So unique. I love the style :smiley:


Glad you liked it and thanks for checking it out

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wow… nice work! website looks pretty nice.

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Here is mine -

Thanks @seem for suggesting Quarto.


Just added animations to my website! :smile:

Let me know if they’re intrusive, take too long, or are annoying.

I did this through the Quarto Animation extension: GitHub - mcanouil/quarto-animate: Animate.css extension for Quarto. It’s really simple to implement.


I loved it! They were really pleasing.

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That’s good to know! :smiley:

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Ya! I noticed it yesterday, when I was browsing your site and was welcomed with these cool animations.

This has inspired me to add them to my site as well. But Oh dear! It is inactive for a long long time.

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I’ve found that a great way to continually make posts is as you complete projects in the course, turn the Jupyter notebook containing the code into a post by documenting the steps you took, explanations, your explorations, and your decisions and why you took them.

The notebook then turns into a 3-in-1 kind of deal: you’ve created a guide that others and you yourself can follow, and you’ve also created a blog post that is a documentation of a project you made, which adds to your portfolio.