Share your Quarto blog ✨

Show us your personal websites and blogs made using Quarto! :smiley: Please feel free to ask questions about how people customized their sites, and share your own customizations too.

For nbdev projects, check out the corresponding nbdev topic.


I’ll go first :slight_smile:

nbdev itself has a blog. You can add a blog to any nbdev project by following the instructions in the Blogging page of the nbdev docs.

My personal website (GitHub) is also a Quarto blog:

I don’t have too many fancy features, but here are some that might be worth noting:

  • I forked a bootstrap theme so that I could more easily customize it. You can do so by copy pasting the theme’s scss file from here to your repo and setting your theme in your _quarto.yml.
  • I have a second listing for my TILs. Check the tils/ sub-directory and its index.qmd file in particular.
  • I have a bibtex .bib file of references (exported from Zotero). They can be cited using syntax like @citation_name, which automatically writes it in the correct format (e.g. First Author et al. (2022)) and adds a References section at the bottom of the page.

One really great place to see a bunch of examples of Quarto sites is the official gallery:

I’ve used it to peruse lots of examples of how to do things, since the source code is usually available.

Another really good example is the Quarto Website itself! The source code for that is contained here (by necessity, practically every feature of Quarto is demonstrated here!):

If someone has a quarto site they are especially proud of, I would suggest adding it to the Quarto gallery by submitting a pull request to this file: quarto-web/gallery.yml at main · quarto-dev/quarto-web · GitHub


I recently moved the blog from jekyll to quarto, including hundreds of posts


I migrated my work blog from fastpages to quarto with minimal hurdles, thanks to Hamel Husain’s guidelines. I played with a few settings gleaned from the Gallery and elsewhere. Light/dark mode (Oooh!, Aaah!).

Aside from resources listed above, I’d recommend looking at the following from RStudio folks:


Currently am remaking my blog in Quarto! Will share it here once complete.

It’s got a fancy-schmancy dynamic side-by-side listing. :smile:

Have to say though, am liking Quarto a lot so far. It abstracts lots of the nitty gritty, so I don’t need to learn HTML/CSS, except for one-off snippets here and there.


Here is my quarto blog: dhblog .

Currently, it has the following:

  • Object Detection from Scratch
  • Captcha Prediction

I’d love to see the side-by-side listing!


I think this belongs in the corresponding nbdev topic :smiley:

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What is a better way to include code in a Quarto blog? Using a .ipynb file directly or adding code blocks in the blog.
I am wondering whether or not the lesson codes would work if I include blocks of code.
I have seen learners including the NB file directly instead of adding code blocks in a blog.

I tend to use markdown for posts with very little code and ipynb for lots of code, since I really like using Jupyter Notebook to write those sorts of posts to begin with.


I migrated mine and wrote a quick post about it! It is seriously, seriously cool being able to natively combine RMarkdown and Jupyter. I want to try and publish some of my more complicated Obsidian notes to it next…


Quarto really is fun. I’m staying up way to long :slight_smile: . I enjoyed fastpages very much before. Yet, quarto is an improvement. Thanks for providing this!

Here is my site: jo@tom - Posts


Trying a few things with quarto. Even though there are no major posts yet. Quarto does allow possibilities of a nice portfolio site.
I have added a few simple experiments with webapps and other static site generator output integrated with quarto


I recently moved and consolidated my blog to quarto myblog - Isaac’s Tech Blog


Hi folks. Still very much a work in progress, but here is my first draft blog page, which I’m using to showcase my work as I progress through the course. In the longer term, I would hope to engage more and more with the community, and when I get a quiet moment, I plan to document the obstacles I have battled with so far (some wins, many losses!) which will hopefully help others who end up treading the same ground. :slight_smile:


Here is mine -

Code - GitHub - aayushmnit/ Code for my website.

I am writing more blogs since I have moved to Quarto as ability to write blogs through Jupyter notebook is magical. I have also attached a custom domain which I bought from Godaddy and have activity tracking enabled using Google analytics. Here are some recently written ML blogs -

I am also doing a Stable diffusion series (which is almost unrelated with anything I do at work) -


Finally migrated my fastpages site to Quarto. (Many thanks to @Ezno and @hamelsmu for debugging help!). It’s here:

TODO for my site:

  • customise the design a bit
  • (perhaps) add an email subscription option, though everything seems very expensive.
  • figure out how to post a notebook as a blog (useful blogpost earlier in the threat which explains this)
  • figure out how to get utterances comments added back into the blog. (comments are explained here)

I just made a big upgrade to my blog and moved it, still in Quarto!


I’m using MailerLite for my subscription option. The free plan gets 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month I believe.

I believe beehive has a free plan too, though have not tried them.