Run on Paperspace Gradient with a Free Pro Subscription

Hi everyone,

Paperspace is excited to be part of your journey through this course and are eager to support you as part of that process.

Gradient is our MLOps platform that you can use to quickly spin up a Notebook environment and begin working through this course. Paperspace Gradient also comes with several free-tier GPU machines that you can use throughout this course.

Paperspace Offer

To assist you, Paperspace is offering 2 months of our Pro subscription to users for free. Our Pro subscription gives users a wider range of access to free-tier GPUs, additional storage in their free tier, and access to more powerful paid GPU instance types.

To receive this offer, you can use the promo code: FastAIGradient22. Follow this link to learn how to redeem promo codes.

Gradient Notebook Setup

Once you’ve created your Pro account and redeemed the promo code:

  • Create a Project
  • Create a Notebook within your Project
  • Select the runtime
  • Under Advanced Options, replace the default repository with the course repositories by pasting in the Git repo url into Workspace URL. Once your Notebook is started, you can also clone repositories using the terminal within the Notebook
  • Further details on how to interact with Gradient Notebook Runtimes can be found in our documentation here

As you work your way through this course, let us know in whatever way we can help. We have @zack_paperspace, @nick_paperspace, and @joshua-paperspace from the Paperspace team here to help answer any questions you may have.

Additional Notes

  • Free-tier GPUs are a competitive product offering and as such can hit capacity at times. Be mindful of that as you use our platform as there may be an influx of users that make capacity limits more common.
  • If free-tier capacity limits are hit, you can also use other paid GPU instances on our platform or wait for capacity to become available.
  • Paperspace does also have a product offering, Core, which allows users to spin up virtual machines on our GPU hardware that you can also use for this course. You can access these GPUs via ssh or through Desktop streaming.

Best of luck and we excited for your journey!


Hi @joshua-paperspace I upgraded my account to “Pro” with the credit card, but when I went into Billing and tried to enter this promocode it sayd “User Cannot claim this promo code” I don’t think I’ve claimed anything else in the last 2 years, so I’m not sure why I’m getting this message. I’m signed in as mike d0t moloch @T gmail d0t com


Hi @mike.moloch,

We only allow users to use a single promotion code per account and it looks like you had redeemed some previously which is why you are receiving that message.

However, it does look like you have previous credit on your account already so you should be able still take advantage of the Pro subscription with the credit already existing on your account.

Hope this helps!

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Ok great! thanks! Yes I do have some (way less than what it says my referral credit was… but I don’t know how it works, I guess I burnt through it some how :slight_smile:


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Thanks for this generous offer. I’ve been using Paperspace for this course and it’s been working quite well and was easy to set up.

The pro subscription seems like a good value for what you get in terms of free gpu selection and storage.

I first used Paperspace in 2017/18 for a first round of fastai - the platform has evolved nicely - kudos!


Tried using the promo code which successfully added credits to my account. Is there anyway to use these credits to upgrade to the pro subscription? @joshua-paperspace

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Hi @harish3110,

Now that you have the credits on your account, you can upgrade your account to Pro. At the end of the month the Pro subscription costs will come out of your credits. You will need to put in your credit card when you upgrade but if you just use the free-tier instances in Notebooks you won’t accrue any additional charges.

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I am having some trouble running the notebooks from the course on Paperspace.
Specifically, I can’t seem to load the diffusers library.
I installed the library using pip from within the notebooks with this command:
!pip install diffusers transformers fastcore
which runs fine with a warning of running pip as the root user. After installing it, trying to import diffusers results in ImportError.

I believe I’m not installing the library to the right environment, and was wandering if anyone here had this problem and can assist on how to install it correctly in paperspace.


Hi @yonatan365,

You can try running that command in the terminal itself if it is not working from the notebook. You also may want to try just installing the diffusers alone without the other libraries.

Let us know if either of those work.


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Thanks so much, already trying running a notebook on Paperspace, with the provided Fast.AI book image!

Is there any way to load a github notebook from paperspace? eg, lesson 9’s diffusion-nbs/stable_diffusion.ipynb at master · fastai/diffusion-nbs · GitHub

Thanks in advance!

Hi @maraoz,

You can clone the whole directory into the Notebook on the create page by pasting in the Github repo url into the Workspace URL field under Advanced Options.

The other option is to use the terminal in the running Notebook to clone in the repo. For this repo you could use: git clone

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Hi @joshua-paperspace,

I signed up for the first time on Paperspace with this email ID -
I got my $16 credits, but I don’t understand how can I upgrade to Pro.
I added my card and was immediately charged $10 (I am not sure for what)
Now when I click on upgrade, it is showing me that I will be charge an additional $8 on my card.
How can I use the credits to upgrade my account instead of my card?


Unfortunately, I had a lot of billing issues with them too.
I just gave it a try to JarvisLabs & didn’t look back.
(Simply UI with real-time pricing info)

I really wanted to use Paperspace but they rejected my card(s), while I could use the same in many other places.

Hi @dhairya.kumar,

The $10 you see on your card is an authorization hold. We use authorization holds to help mitigate the abuse of services. This $10 should not hit your account as a charge but most card companies will show this as pending and then it will disappear in a day or two.

To upgrade to Pro, you can click on Upgrade and follow the prompts like you mentioned above. Your credit card will not be charged $8 when you upgrade to Pro, instead at the end of the month your account credits will be deducted instead of a charge on your card. Once you run out of credits on your account (in 2 months) then your credit card will start to be charged. You will also be prorated for this month, so your Pro Subscription this month won’t be the full $8 but only a fraction of that since there’s only a few days left in the month.

Also note that no other charges will be applied to your account if only using free-tier machines that are included with the Pro subscription but there will be additional charges if you use any paid instances which are clearly labeled when selecting a machine for Notebooks.

Hope this clears up any confusion.


Hi @joshua-paperspace ,

Thanks a lot for clearing this out

Hi @zack_paperspace

Thank you for the 2 months of the Pro subscription to users. I have successfully received it on my free account.

But when upgrading to a pro account, I tried a few times to provide a credit card which I have successfully used often to make purchases from sites in the US and Australia. However, when using it for paperspace and (today I tried for Lambda GPU, same result) every time it said the card is declined.

I am based in China and the card is issued by a Chinese Bank.

What can I do to get my card accepted? or are there other ways to make the payment to paperspace? Thanks a lot!

@Daniel Tal from Paperspace Support here - DM’d you!

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Is that code still usable?

I came here because the last few times there were no free GPUs I’m considering a PRO subscription but want to use 2 free months for the exercises, if possible.

I’m getting “User cannot claim promo code”. I have never used Gradient before and am no part of a team there.

Hi @sebkraemer,

Yes, we did expire that promo code at the end of last year. However, I just DMd you with some additional details to help you try out our platform.

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That is awesome! I just replied. Thanks for the offer! :pray: