PyLadies fastai Deep Learning Study Group - SF

Join the PyLadies ML/DL Project Cluster!

PyGents and PyPeople of all identities are welcome.

When: Weekly on Tuesdays, January 8, 2019 - Now, 6-9pm
Where: Many Locations, please check meetup page weekly*

This study group meets every Tuesday. We will continue throughout 2019 and maybe beyond!

Bring your laptop and work on your project or review lectures in a helpful and supportive environment :smiley: Many people who attend are using the fastai library on top of PyTorch or Swift4TensorFlow to build models.

* As of June 4th, on every 1st Tuesday of the month, we will likely be meeting at Capital One who will provide free food & drinks. We are also now meeting at Coinbase, and Holberton

Please sign up through the PyLadies MeetUp event page:

This group is for intermediate level coders and deep learning
newcomers to experienced practitioners.

Study Group Agenda:

  • 6:00 - 6:45 (45m) Get online, meet your seat neighbors & start work
  • 6:45 - 7:00 (15m) Welcome & project updates
  • 7:00 - 9:00 (2h) Get more work done!

We strongly recommend that deep learning newbies at least start watching the first Deep Learning course video before asking others for help. You can watch videos (with headphones) at the study group. If you don’t have you own project idea, Kaggle is a great place to find projects.

We are looking for more once-a-month location, dinner & drink sponsors. If your company is interested (and located in SF, close to BART and/or Caltrain) please DM Molly: @marii


@deena-b Thanks for organising the meetups!
I’m based out of India but I’m pretty available during the meetup hours, please let me know if there is any way that I can contribute remotely to the meetups, I’d love to help.

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Jeremy: Would you please wikify the top post of this thread, as you said to ensure in the Official study groups thread?

I already added the link there.

Would you also please advertise the Official study groups thread during the last lesson of part 2?

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Hi Sanyam, thanks for the offer. I think the best way to help is to post here and people who want to work on a project with you or ask you for help can reach out directly. I’ll also try to mention that you are available, when we next meet, on May 7th.

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Sounds great!

Could you please edit the OP and mention the same or I’ll wait for the post to be wiki-fied.

I’m happy to answer any questions from part 1, I’ll try my best to answer questions from part 2 (I’m still going through the materials). Please suggest the participants to @init_27 me directly in this thread :slight_smile:


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Join the fastai Deep Learning Study Group - SF virtually through this Google Hangout link

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Just wanted everyone to know our meetup is still going strong. Our next meetup is on Nov 5th @ Coinbase, food is available

I have recently taken over leadership of this meetup and wanted to update everyone on our current status.

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