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Any questions related to Salamander can be posted here. Note that Salamander is not currently accepting new signups.


Q: Why am I being charged even after I shut down my instance?
A: You need to destroy your instance if you do not want to pay for its storage costs; shutting down the server will stop the compute costs, but not the storage costs.
Q: I don’t want to use Salamander any more
A: Click the “Delete Account” button on your dashboard
Q: My ssh key stopped working
A: When servers start Salamander replaces ~/.ssh/authorized_keys with the public key you added via the web interface. If you want to change your key visit instead of editing the file manually
Q: I get a server error when running a notebook
A: Try updating the software on your server. Click “New” then “Terminal” in jupyter, then enter this command: conda install -y -c pytorch -c fastai fastai pytorch torchvision anaconda nbconvert
Q: I want to use my AWS credits on Salamander
A: You can redeem 75% of a promo code’s value. Please note this feature isn’t completely stable - AWS doesn’t provide an API for coupons, Salamander is controlling a web browser to add them. If interested click “Redeem AWS Coupon” inside “Preferences and Account Details”


I’ve set up my account, but when I click to go to “Jupyter Notebook” a new tab opens, a countdown appears, and when it gets down to 0, the page times out. Any advice?


@sashikers when the server first starts, the jupyter redirect can occasionally take a long time - that’s because jupyter notebook itself is still starting. just try clicking the “Jupyter Notebook” link again after the server has been online for a minute or so and it should be much faster.

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been at it for 20 minutes now, will keep trying!

@sashikers that’s unusual, which email did you use to create your salamander account? I’ll take a closer look (message me)

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@ashtonsix I have created a server and gone to fastai-courses then abs then dl1 and tries lesson 1. When I try to run ‘from fastai import *’, I get the error no module called fastai. Do I need to symlink something here?

Stop server not working. I created an instance and then clicked on stop server. It’s almost an hour but instance has not stopped yet. Any advice on how to stop the server.

@pnvijay Can you check you’re using the “fastai” kernel (selector in the top-right)? For servers created today onwards that should be selected automatically but if that didn’t work go to “Kernel” > “change kernel”

@pandeyanil Could you message me w/ your salamander email address & I’ll take a look

How can we get the Shift-Tab functionality that lets us access the docs straight from Jupiter lab?

Thanks! It works well now once I changed the kernel to fastai. Also wanted to know where are the images (pet images) getting stored. Is that the default place for storing images or data in salamander?

@pandeyanil I fixed the issue manually in the db, another user reported this issue earlier today - i think it’s a bug i introduced recently and will permanently fix very soon.

@pnvijay fastai stores them in “~/.fastai/data”. That’s totally a fastai thing, Jeremy will prob show you how to configure fastai later. you can store whatever, however on salamander.


@bluesky314 shift+tab by itself is used to run code inside Jupyter Notebook / Jupyter Lab. Maybe try running fastai?? or help(fastai) to get more info wrt fastai or whatever thing you’re looking at

No, shift-tab is used to show the params or docs of a function. Same info as the two suggestions you provided. I don’t know if it works in Jupyter Lab however. (We generally suggest people avoid Jupyter Lab.)

whoops, I read that as shift+enter

The page on Returning to Salamander says to update the course repo and the fastai library. Is that really needed each time? Will we get notifications if the repo or library are updated?

@ricknta oh, that’s a wonderful idea! there aren’t any notifications when those libraries are updated but I could add them (& maybe even a way to do it automatically if you opt-in). When you created your server you’ll have picked up the latest code, but I recommend updating the fastai library & v3 course before each lesson.

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Error running Notebook Lesson 1 on Salamander - is this a github issue?

ModuleNotFoundError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
----> 1 from fastai import *
2 from import *

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘fastai’

Probably not a good idea since you might not see conflicts. Love the idea of a notification.

@dwcar49us Make sure you’ve selected the “fastai” kernel (selector in top-right). If you use Jupyter Notebook this will be selected automatically, but I’ve not got that in Jupyter Lab. You can switch to Jupyter Notebook if you’d prefer (Jeremy recommended it) by opening “Preferences and Account Details” and clicking “Switch to Jupyter Notebook”. Jupyter Notebook is the default for users that created accounts yesterday and moving forward.

If it’s an older server the installation could be a little funky, there were a few days were things like “conda update fastai” were broken on newly created servers (now fixed). You could try creating a brand new salamander server.

@jeremy Oh, I was thinking of hashing the directory, comparing it & if they match including a button inside the notification itself to say “upgrade fastai” - very suitable for the library, not so much for the course. When I said “automatic” that was just me being lazy while describing the idea.