Platform: (low-cost dedicated V100 servers) offers the lowest-cost dedicated V100 servers, at a 30% discount for Fastai users (using coupon code FastAI30%).

For Fastai we recommend the 1V100.6V instance, which is $0.45/h for Fastai users. It has a dedicated Tesla V100 with 6 CPU cores.

Installation is easy, since there’s a Fastai image which includes Fastai v2.
Detailed setup instruction can be found here:

These are the basic steps:

  1. Sign up
  2. Top up your account, don’t forget using the coupon code
  3. Create an SSH key
  4. Deploy your instance
  5. Launch Jupyter notebook when provisioning is finished.
  6. In a new notebook, run a cell containing !git clone

That’s it! No installation required.
Save your own notebooks to your PC and delete the instance when done.

In a few weeks you will be able to save your state/progress (WIP) instead of needing to store it.


this seems like a good solution

However, it will still charge even though you shutdown an instance
meaning you actually need to delete an instance if you are going somewhere else.

also it means that you need to re-instantiate (provision) the instance, install all the dependencies, download materials, download all the data that you need once you come back.

data is very important, and no one wants to waste of time on that after setting up once.

this is a terrible feature for DataCrunch I guess.


Sounds easy. Is GPU in use also or do we need to ”Play” with CUDA installation? It would be nice if datacrunch can make YouTube video from end to end : How to build one simple Notebook. Save It. And shutdown or delete so that patments stop. And last part how continue from this state.

We are currently developing ‘hibernation’ of instances; you will be able to save the state of your instance so you can deallocate your instance without losing your additional dependencies and data. It should be available in about 3 weeks.

Here you can find detailed instructions how to setup your instance with a Fastai image:
When you order an instance with a Fastai image, it already has CUDA and other requirements installed to get started.
As mentioned above, we are working on storing the state of your instance so you don’t need to keep it on your account. Making a youtube video is a good tip, we will provide a video tutorial once it is possible to store your instance.

Our new coupon code is FastAI20%.
Currently we are preparing to launch hibernation / persistent storage. :slight_smile:


Hey Ruben,

I didn’t find anything about the hibernation on your homepage.
Did the feature launch yet? If not, is there already an ETA?

I’m planning to start the course soon’ish and find your products extremely attractive. But having to delete and re-setup everything every weekend (when I have time to work on the course) would be a pretty big deterrent. A small storage fee for hibernating instances would be fine with me, though.

I’m asking here because I suspect other people may also be interested in this information.

Best regards,

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We are not advertising it yet on the homepage but the feature is available.
Note that hibernation is currently in beta, we have not had problems since launch though.

Thanks for considering DataCrunch!



Awesome, thank you for the fast response!
You just won yourself a beta tester :slight_smile: :+1:


Thanks @Wolf and @DataCrunch I was looking for the same thing. I already made an account on Data Crunch and it looks awesome.

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@Wolf Thanks! Don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions or recommendations.
Next up is releasing our API and expanding services towards easily deploying trained models.

@flowerkowski Thanks for the kind words! We try to optimize towards ease of use.

One detail - the hibernation is not free and ends up costing $2.5 each time you want to stop the instance.

A better option might be to rsync your work directory to/from the instance, and just kill it after you are done.


I cannot deploy a DataCrunch server because: “FastAi image is temporarily disabled”. When will I be able to? Is this maintenance-in-progress or an error?


Which FastAI repository?

The instructions in Setting up a server for & jupyter notebooks on don’t seem to point to the correct git repository. The link for V2 in the DataCrunch instructions point to The for this repository says:

This is the old home of fastai v2. The new home is fastai/fastai.

Please head to the new repo. This old repo has been archived.

This hyperlink sends me to which is not the same as where the fastai book preface sends me.

If I follow the links from the FastAI Book preface, I am redirected to

I want to setup my local workstation with the same software configuration as I will have on datacrunch, so that I can rsync my data and changes to notebooks between them, with the goal of training models on datacrunch, with prepping datasets and low GPU stuff on my local machine.

The whole where do I start? thing for the fastai book/course needs curation.

To quote myself:
“The reason you are confused is, because it is confusing.”


The docs were updated to link to the fastbook repository.

We have currently disabled the fastai image due to updating, it will become available in the next days.

Thanks Reuben - that makes sense.

@DataCrunch just started using the server and the difference is night and day compared to collab. Thank for the discount.

Edit: Nevermind, found it inside the server overview.

Does it mean, now if I click shutdown everything is good and I won’t be charged money or do I have to do something special to activate this option. If there is a list of best users that have this access, I’d love to signup.


Hi Rishiraj,

Everyone can use the feature, if you shut down the instance (using the shutdown button on your dashboard), you can click hibernate after it is shut down.

The hibernation function is not very practical if you have over 100GB of data at the moment, we are planning a complete overhaul in January.

Thanks for trying out DataCrunch!


Is this true? damn! this is hidden! They don’t explain costs well AT ALL.

Also note hibernation takes a Long time (half hour or more) to restore. :frowning:

The instance only switches to hibernation rate when the instance is actually hibernating, before that the hardware is still dedicated to the user. The time it takes depends on the amount of data that needs to be hibernated. For the average user/instance it is about $0.25.

Since it can take a long time currently for instances with a lot of data, we have disabled the function except for 1V100 instances.

We are transferring our servers to network storage instead of local storage, which will speed up these operations dramatically and won’t require the resources to stay dedicated to the user.

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