Pitch and feedback sessions for DL + Impact opportunities?

Hi all,

I am delighted to see so many of you are actively optimizing for impact through your work with DL and many of you are seeking such opportunities. Let me know if you would be interested in joining quick pitch/educate others sessions where you can come and talk about your work (like 5 mins) and discuss current challenges? I can help coordinate the speakers if there is interest.

@anamariapopescug As we spoke about it today :slight_smile:


That sounds awesome - what kind of approach did you have in mind?

We often did Google hangouts in Udacity ML forums where one person would give a small talk about something per week. Many people said those were really cool, but I missed most because of timezone differences.

In this case Youtube Live Streaming by creating one channel for the Fast.AI course might be a good idea because it preserves the material. Trouble with webinars is that it’s true there’s a lot of live Q/A, but many people miss it because of time zone differences. Just a suggestion for handling the logistics. Something like a ‘15 min free form talk + Q/A’ with a open thread for that talk in the forums.


Was thinking something like following but open for modifications.

5-10 minutes presentation/talk explaining:

  1. What is the problem that you are solving/thinking of solving?
  2. Impact potential /why is it important to solve?
  3. AI fit: How important is AI in the solution.
  4. Related work.
  5. Are there market incentives for the solution? Like can we make money? If so how sustainable is it? But of course, solutions which do not have market incentives are also welcome.
  6. If you are already working on it, what are some of the challenges you are facing? And how can fellow students help?

Followed by 5 minutes Q&A

We can do this may be bi-weekly or more often if there are enough speakers.

Sure, we can record it if people are ok with it. Works for me. Also, I like the idea of associated forum thread.

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I love this idea. Look forward to seeing it happen.

Here is a similar event tonight downtown


If anyone attends that meetup, it might be helpful to let the attendees know about the MOOC. I still find the vast majority of people I meet aren’t aware of it.

I’ll definitely try!

@sravya8 I would be interested in these feedback/pitch sessions. Can you pls provide when and where are you planning to organize ?

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Can we plan this online , so that we all can be a part of it.


Would be very much interested in this myself!

I am completely unaware of what people are doing or what problems they are trying to solve. One cool angle to this would be to survey startups in this space / recent exits. But I do not know how to get at this data either. I mostly just sit at my computer and do something for a while and then to my surprise it turns out that actually someone finds it useful :smiley: (that is how I became a professional developer, was very surprised)

So yeah, would really love to participate in any thoughts exchange on this :slight_smile:

What an amazing community this is shaping up to be! :smiley:


I would love to participate in these sessions.

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Its definitely a cool idea. I will love to be part of these.

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Vow, great to see the response here. Thanks every one!

Will start planning the logistics in the next couple days. Please watch this thread for updates.


This is great. Thanks @sravya8

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Fantastic! I would love to participate in the pitch and feedback sessions @sravya8

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Call for speakers:
Please enter the following information in the spreadsheet: Name, Topic, What times in PST that do not work for you

Seems like we have ~50 international students and ~80 students in PST, so it is going to be hard to find a time which works for everyone. But thought we will at the least ask speakers which PST times absolutely do not work. Will keep an eye on the spreadsheet and update with our first meeting time/location here on the thread.

@rachel: I would love to hear from you and Jeremy what was the thought process on creating fast.ai. What kind of impact you envision.
@jeremy: Would love to hear Enlitic experience if possible. Mainly, what is the size of impact and challenges.

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@sravya8 sure I’m happy to contribute in that way. Also, shall we leave a couple of minutes at the start of class on Monday for you to briefly explain this project and let people know how they can get involved?


Sure, I would be happy to do that. In fact, that would be the best way to make sure everyone is aware of it. Thank you!

great idea. would love to be involved too!