Pitch and feedback sessions for DL + Impact opportunities?

We are lining up our first set of speakers and tentatively planning to have our first session this Friday at USF (3/10) between 4:30 to 5:30. We will also live stream and record it. But we would love to have as many people as possible in person so that we can have better collaboration. So please mark your calendars. And here are ways you can get involved:

  1. Be a speaker: Share your ideas for potential impact even if the idea is very unrefined at the moment. (Add your name to the above excel)
  2. Provide feedback for other speakers.
  3. Collaborate or offer help to other speakers.
  4. Help in organizing:
  • Reach out to potential speakers and line up speakers.
  • Find a time and place which works for speakers and comfortable for in person attendees in the bay area.
  • Send out announcements about the schedule
  • Handle video streaming and recording logistics
  • Follow up with project threads(speakers can do this)



Very cool. Please share the streaming links with the rest of us who can’t be there. :slight_smile:

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@sravya8 so sorry I forgot to ask for your comments on this yesterday!

It might be a good idea to write a new top-level post that summarizes what this is and asks for speakers, so people don’t have to read this whole thread to get the big picture. Some questions you could answer:

  • What kinds of speakers do we want to hear from?
  • About what topics?
  • How well developed should the ideas be?
  • Why might people want to speak? (e.g. to practice the technical public speaking skills; to bring in potential collaborators for a projects; just for fun!..)

If you’ve seen any interesting stories or ideas in the intros thread, it might be worth reaching out to those people directly to see if they can join.

I’m happy to provide my little camera and mic for streaming/recording if that’s of any help.


@jeremy No worries :slight_smile: I thought so.

Yes, I am right now directly reaching out to some folks who I know have expressed interest in having impact through AI/DL. Sure, will create a new post summarizing the content. To answer your questions:

What kinds of speakers do we want to hear from?

Any one really. A speaker can be some one who is exploring an idea / or working on an idea which can potentially have a huge impact, where impact can be anything from making peoples lives a little better to saving lives to creating opportunities to underprivileged.

About what topics?

It can be pretty open ended. But here are some topic ideas:

  1. Health:
    1.1. Medical diagnosis: Images and early detection, precision/ personalized testing, malaria detection
    1.2. Lifestyle management: Personalized health/food/exercise recommendations.
    1.3. Finding cost effective / scalable malnutrition interventions.
    1.4. Drug discovery
    1.5. And many more
  2. Education: Can AI help with personalized learning?
  3. Disaster resilience: Can AI help improve disaster resilience?
  4. Disabilities: Can AI help visually impaired?
  5. Autonomous cars are going to reduce number of on road fatalities, if done right. What are some other related impact opportunities in this space?
  6. Environment:
    6.1. Can AI help with Deforestration?
  7. Agriculture: Can AI help in increasing the yield?
  8. Can we leverage AI to understand human biases and rectify it?
  9. Can we leverage AI for global peace? (Too broad right now as I don’t know there is an opportunity here)
  10. Fake news and breaking the filter bubbles. What role can AI play to make citizens more informed?

How well developed should the ideas be?

This series is mainly to leverage the collective intelligence in this group and help each other in helping others. So please do not hesitate to talk about very early ideas, we never know what can come out of it.

Why might people want to speak? (e.g. to practice the technical public speaking skills; to bring in potential collaborators for a projects; just for fun!..)

All of the above ones you mentioned. Also, to get feedback on your ideas. Are there other technologies that you are unaware of that can bring a breakthrough in the problem you are trying to solve? You would never know unless you talk about it.

Just wanted to draw your attention to the above suggestion, @sravya8 . If you make it a top-level post, I can notify people about it.

Here it is, its a new post: AI + Impact Lightning talks

Hoping new post = top-level post :slight_smile:

Hey Mayeesha, Coming back to the actual logistics. It turned out to be harder than I thought. Seems like youtube-live does not support multi-presenters. And due to the nature of distributed speakers, we will need it. Please let us know if you have any other recommendations, that would be super helpful! :slight_smile:

Here are some more options we considered: AI + Impact Lightning talks