Part 2 course signups now available

Do we all need to do this?

That’s what he says - you can either wait or PM him.

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I can see the v2 forums now and have access to everything. Can’t wait for the lectures to start.

So the lectures are at 1 AM pacific time? Signed up last night but haven’t received the email regarding the v2 forum yet.

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May be some delays in the communication of the registrars, Jeremy mentioned we could DM him to receipt to get access :slight_smile:


I have got access to group. Thanks everyone!

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I have a receipt for signup to the course but have not received any link or information, signed up last week @jeremy

Hi, I have enrolled (and paid) but I did not get an info mail (perhaps it was deleted when cleaning up my spam).

I mailed to the ITEE external engagement, and I got a link to sign up here on this forum. It is now a bit unclear to me how I could gain (or should have gained) access to the lecture.
I am sure I am clumsy and missing the obvious but could anyone help me with this?


  1. You should be able to access the course topic here: (if you can’t see it, post a message here in this thread)
  2. Here is the Lesson 9 official topics (contains tons of resources, the very first link will take you to the lecture):
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I haven’t received/found any confirmation mail yet even though I enrolled last week.

But then I followed @soumendra’s instructions and I am able to access the course topic.

Thank you very much!

Hello everyone!

I signed up for the course last week but there was an issue with the payment. I paid for the course on Monday morning (EST) and got a receipt, but I still haven’t gotten access to the course.

I’ve sent a PM (on this forum) with my receipt to @jeremy and emailed the UQ ITEE team. Any other suggestions to get access to the course? I just joined the forum so maybe my message went to spam or Jeremy is just busy and swamped with messages after reopening signups.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m really excited to learn about Diffusion models!

I have enrolled and paid, got the receipt, but I’m not able to access the course topic. Any ideas on what should I do next? Thanks in advance!


I received an email from the ITEE saying that all late signups will receive access automatically on the 17th.


@SamuelNM I am in the same boat as you. I enrolled, have the receipt, but can’t access the course topics.

Any updates anyone?

Registrations are processed on Mondays (Australian time). I just did registrations for this week.

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I still didn’t receive any email or link to access Part 2 even though I have the receipt of payment. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Can you PM me the receipt please?

Sent! Thanks a lot!

Hi @jeremy,

I am interested in participating in Part 2 of the course. I do share my learnings back with the community, but don’t have a github repo that is popular. I thought I will pitch my background here and hope to qualify for the scholarship.

I have been interested in this fascinating field of Deep Learning, and did DL for Coders 2019 to get started (thanks :slight_smile:). My interest peaked in NLP + Transformers thats when I decided I want to dedicatedly pursue this topic and build something interesting. I have been on learning sabbatical/bootstrapping on ideas for over a year now.

Over the year, I got comfortable and confident with this tech, and have been participating in community hackathon events to apply my skills. A few of the hackathons I participated are below -

Cohere NLP Embed Hackathon
Cohere NLP Classify Hackathon
OpenAI Whisper Hackathon
Amazon KDD Cup - Search

All the code for above solutions is available on my Github Repo.

I was looking forward to participating in the upcoming hackathon on Stable Diffusion and was looking for resources to learn in depth about it, that is when I came across this course.

I hope I am able to be part of this ongoing course, and apply the learnings and share it back with the community.

Thanks again for all the hard work you put in these courses, I, for one have definitely benefitted from this, and hope to pay it forward when possible.