Part 2 course signups now available

Part 2 of this course, From Deep Learning Foundations to Stable Diffusion, will run live from Oct 11 2022 (Australian time; Oct 11 US time). Scholarships are available for open source authors. To sign up for the course, click here.

(Even if you haven’t quite finished part 1 yet, I suggest signing up, since nearly everyone I’ve spoken to who’s done a part 2 course live in the past found it a live changing experience.)


Many thanks. Singed up last week when the news was shared on Twitter. I have attended Part 2 live couple of times in past, and I agree, it is indeed a life changing experience. It unlocked so many mental barriers that i had around software engineering and of-course DL.

Been away from the community for last 2 years or so because of job and other things.This is a fresh account as i unfortunately lost last one. Ready to jump in :slight_smile: I have started reviewing the latest Part 1. Super excited and looking forward to contributing to the community in coming weeks.


Just signed up! Super excited :slight_smile:


Hi, I totally agree! It is a life-changing experience and enables you to become a great practitioner of Deep Learning!

Submitted the scholarship form request for the course. Hope it gets accepted :slight_smile: !


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Just signed up for it! I’m so excited. I have been wanting to take a live fastai course for a long time. Now finally the moment has arrived. Thanks for organizing it.
Looking forward for a life changing experience!

Hi Jeremy, I have filled the scholarship form.

I have listed an open source repo with 59 stars and another with 12k+ stars.

I haven’t yet received any communications from regarding the part-2.

And I don’t yet see any forum post being visible to me.

Is it too early? Or do I need to do something else?

(I have filled the scholarship form only, and not the main form for sign-up.)

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No that’s it - if you haven’t got a positive response unfortunately that means you weren’t selected. If you are a core contributor to one of the libs you mentioned, feel free to re-submit an application and make sure you’ve linked to clear documentation that you’re a core contributor to one of those libs.

(Generally a core contributor is someone who is explicitly listed as such, or who has a large number of significant commits accepted over an extended period of time.)

So I signed up. How do I access the course remotely? Wait for a link at the email I registered with? Log in somewhere through the UQ website?

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Same question/concern. I signed up and paid, but did not receive a confirmation email nor instructions on how to attend remotely. I emailed UQ to ask them and they said they would send an email closer to course start date. Has anyone gotten that yet?


I have also signed up for it. Did you get any mail from University of Queensland or regarding next steps or with confirmation?

Not yet. I guess it will arrive in a few days :blush:

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Hi @jeremy , I applied listing two projects that are Open Source and have more than 50 stars and where I am listed as a core contributor.

  1. This is the dall-e mini project, now known as Craiyon. This project does list me as a core contributor:


It can be found in the project readme.

This also got featured in a New York Times article by Cade Metz.

  1. The second one is CLIP-RSICD project, which is a fine-tuned CLIP model for satellite images. This model became the SOTA model upon release for similar tasks.


This image was taken from the project readme as well.

This project landed me an award from Google Could and Hugging Face.

Would you please reconsider my application for scholarship?


I just signed up as well. Haven’t received a confirmation email other than the payment receipt. Super excited to be here :slight_smile:

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@sairam6087 Did you get the payment receipt in e-mail? Asking because I haven’t received any related mails.

It was in my spam folder, so I thankfully found it there and saved it :smiley:

Check your spam mail. That’s where I found the confirmation receipt

Thanks @yaegerknight @sairam6087 I found it in my Gmail spam folder.

I got the payment receipt email. But no instructions for how to join. I hope I get something soon before the long weekend :). Excited to attend this live for the first time.

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Good stuff @rghosh - that’s very clear evidence, thank you! Processing your scholarship now :smiley: